Styling and photoshoots; what size diversity means to me

Size diversity. It’s kind of a really important issue to me. Being a plussize model, and being on the bigger end of (agency-standard) plussize (I’m a size 16), size diversity is something I’m passionated about. Regardless of the fact that I myself am an inbetweenie, and will always be pro-inbetweenie, I think all sizes can be awesome, and that beauty and inspiration can come in any size.

Here’s what size diversity means to me:
  • Beauty and inspiration comes in a variety of sizes. I don’t limit my view of beauty to a certain size. That goes both ways: even though I’m bigger myself, I find lots of slim women absolutely gorgeous and inspirational. I’m highly allergic to all that “only a dog would want a bone” crap. If you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful… whether that’s in a size 2 or in a size 22.
  • Specifically for plus, that means that I’m also not “afraid” of bigger sizes. More and more you see that smaller sizes are becoming acceptable and popular in plus, and I think that’s great. The more the merrier. I do however think it would be a pity if we just got smaller altogether, and the bigger sizes would disappear. Don’t show me a bunch of models in a size 10 and call it diversity. I want to see 2, 8, 16,… all together, and all awesome!
  • As an aspiring stylist, it’s really really REALLY important to me that I approach plus size the same way I would approach straightsizes. Of course, different sizes require different little tips and tricks, but other than that it’s the same to me. As a model, I’ve worked with several stylist who had amazing fashionwork of straightsize models in their portfolio, but when they worked with me somehow couldn’t do better than white leggings and baggy tunics. Please, just no. I want to show the same level of awesomeness and the same approach, regardless of the size of the model. I won’t lie: the bigger the size, the slightly more of a challenge it becomes. But I’m so up for that challenge!
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10 things I love about myself

So tomorrow is Valentine’s day, and as a blogger I’m probably socially obliged to do a V-day outfit and whatnot, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Okay, most people do, but I’m going to be superbusy tomorrow so that’s not happening :(.
Anyway, it got me thinking about love… I have an amazing boyfriend who I love very much, but I think it’s also really important to take the time to say: I love me. Somehow (and I doubt I’m the only one in this) it can be easier to love someone else than to love yourself, but that’s so wrong on so many levels. It’s also weird how compiling this list made me feel arrogant: as if it’s somehow completely inappropriate to say nice things about yourself. Weird. Here’s the perfect way to deal with that feeling:

repeat it until you believe it :)

Okay, so 10 things I love about myself:

I see beauty in things others find ugly, or scary, or  unimportant

I have the craziest, most awesome imagination ever

My ass. Yup.

I can completely lose myself in a book. And afterwards, the world is never ever the same again, but that’s okay

I sing to myself, in public, out loud, because it makes me happy, and I’m not ashamed.

I may not be really great at one thing, but I do well in a lot of different things

I’m strong and bendy

I am passionate and loyal and forgiving and kind and some people don’t deserve that, but I won’t let them change me

I like to pretend my owl from Hogwarts simply got lost

I’ve never had any dance training, but secretly I think I’m an amazing dancer


I know most of you are going to be really busy snuggling with your loved one (or binge-eating on chocolate), but if you have some minutes ( okay, or an hour… coming up with a list is surprisingly hard! all the more reason to do it!) to spare: why not take the time to make a little list like this? I’d love to hear yours!