Style hack! How to wear a skirt

Skirts are a difficult item to wear for a lot of women, and when I ask why I always get the same reply: “I don’t know which top to wear it with”. Fear no more, because I got a very easy trick for you that makes combining skirts and tops a piece of cake.

Think of it as “wearing skirts, beginner level”. If you have no problem wearing skirts or if you’re one of those fashion daredevils that mixes a bunch of prints together, then congrats! You’re an expert! But if you’re the girl who keeps looking at that skirt in her closet but never wears it cause you don’t know what to wear it with… this is the blog for you! Ready? Here it goes:

Match one colour of your top to the colour of your skirt, or vice versa.

Sounds complicated? I got you! Here are some examples to illustrate my point.

A plain skirt with a printed top

Pick a top that has at least one colour that’s the same as the colour of your skirt. Here I chose a monochromatic black and white striped top to go with a black skirt, and a yellow and white lemon print top to go with a yellow skirt.

A printed skirt with a plain top

Same principle, but reversed. Pick one colour from the print in your skirt, and wear it with a top in that colour. Here, the white skirt with grey-blue and light pink flowers is worn with a light pink top. It would have also worked with a grey-blue top or with a white top. The leopardprint in the skirt is made from various tones of brown and black, and I’m wearing it with a black top. The black skirt has a floral print with bright tones of red and orange and subtle tones of white, and is paired with a white top (but would also have worked with black or bright orange red).

None of the above

It could also be that you want to wear a plain skirt with a plain top. That is more a matter of knowing what colours work together. For instance, I’m matching this fuchsia skirt with a shirt with a bright orange-pinkish shirt. Or you could stick to one colour, like the white skirt combined with a white top.

Ofcourse there are many other ways to wear and combine skirts, but this is a great way to start. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to wear a skirt every now and then. Good luck!

My favorite places to shop shoes for wide feet

I wasn’t exactly – ahem – blessed with delicate tiny feet. I go through life with a EU42 (UK9/US11). On top of that, I also have wide feet and ”high” feet (if someone has the correct word for this, let me know :p), so shopping for shoes is not exactly easy. I have spent years shopping my shoes in store, where I knew I would have have to chose between 10-15 options and maybe, just maybe, one of those options wouldn’t look like it was meant to be worn by an 85 year old woman. Now, I usually don’t bother looking anymore, I just hunt for shoes online. These are my favorite places to shop wide fit shoes.

  1. Asos

Ahh, my beloved asos :). How could this not be number 1? They have hundreds of wide fit options to chose from, many of which go up to a 42 (UK9), although they also carry a few brands that only go up to a size 41 (UK8). May I suggest using the filter when you shop at asos, so that you only see wide fit shoes and only see shoes that are available in your size. Trust me, it will save you a lot of frustration.

Their collection pretty much has anything from flats to sneakers to fancy party shoes and boots, including awesome over-the-knee boots in stretchy faux-suede that work perfectly for plussize legs too. Delivery and returning is free, and they are very reasonably priced.

These are my current favorites from Asos wide fit, but do check them out yourself by clicking here. 

asos wide fit

2. New Look

A close second to Asos! You can find some of the New Look collection on Asos as well, but they have so much more stuff on their own site that it’s always worth checking it out. Almost their entire wide fit collection goes up to a EU42, but the bigger sized do tend to sell out relatively quickly, so if you see something you like don’t hesitate. By the way New Look: if you notice that the bigger sizes keep selling out, perhaps it’s a good idea to buy more of the bigger sizes, no?

Anyway… Delivery is free if you order more than a certain amount (read: I always have free delivery) but returns are not free (at least not for Belgium and the Netherlands, make sure to dubblecheck for your country!). If you order with Paypal, you can recuperate the return costs. Plus, I’ve never had to return shoes with New Look anyway because every time I ordered there (which is more often than I’d like to admit :p) they have always fit perfectly. Like Asos, they are very reasonably priced. So I can definitely recommend them! Out of the 3 brands I am recommending here, I find that New Look has the widest fit.

These are my current favorites from New Look wide fit, but do check them out yourself by clicking here.

3. Dorothy Perkins

Another site I visit regularly and that offers a wide fit collection, although the collection is smaller than the one at Asos or New Look. Still, it’s always nice to have a look. The only thing I did notice is that it’s not really a great fit if you have ”high feet” (seriously, what is the correct term for this…) like me, so I mostly stick to heels and flats and stay away from the boots. If your feet are, you know, more normal compared to mine, I’m sure the fit would be fine. Delivery is free if you order more than a certain amount, returning is not free. Extra bonuspoints: part of the collection goes up to a EU43! I definitely recommend sizing up for heels.

These are my current favorites from Dorothy Perkins wide fit, but do check them out yourself by clicking here.

I do know there are other brands that alos have wide fit, but I haven’t tried those myself and it feels weird recommending stuff to you guys without knowing what I’m talking about firsthand… But I will provide you with a little list, so you can check them out yourself if you’d like! If you click on the brand, you’ll go to their wide fit collections.

Other wide fit collections are:

Which one is your favorite?