modelling – styling

styling – let’s go pink

Technically it’s Sunday, but it’s definitely a pink day! Today I have a shoot to share with you, where I did the styling. I certainly wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a stylist, but I do really like it and I love developing the skill. I’d also love to get some sort of training for it, so who knows… maybe in the future, I’ll be a “real” stylist :).
Shirley is a gorgeous size 16 who wanted to do a shoot inspired by barbie: lots of blonde, lots of pink, fun and feminine. I told her I was on board, if we could do our own twist on it, and not just do a cliché barbielook. I wanted to keep it classy and sophisticated and fashionable, not fullblown barbiedoll (she already has the barbie wow factor all on her own :p), and she really liked the idea of doing it this way so we went for it.

The pictures are shot by Arno Nieuwhof and the gorgeous hair and make up was by Kathleen Van Walle. I’m really happy with how the results turned out, and we also had so much fun shooting it!

photoshoot sneak peek: glitter & fluffy hair

Had a superfun shoot a couple of days ago. A perfect mixture of pink outfits, sunshine, fluffy hair, laughter, girlpower and glitter! I felt like such a precious baby unicorn :).

These backstage shots are a tiny sneak peek… Although I must remind myself next time to look alive when they’re touching up my make up :p. I should have thought about making some more pictures myself, but oh well! Better luck next time :).

Can’t wait to share the results with you!