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Results of our shoot with Gisela

 So, remember the shoots we had last week on sunday? Here’s another one of them!
Gisela is a gorgeous size 16 babe with an awesome, radiant smile. She works a lot as a commercial model for a dutch plussize brand, and posing outside and moving around was a bit out of her comfortzone. Which is why it’s so great that she went ahead and did it anyway, it’s the only way you can learn and grow!
The style we were going for was cool, a bit of a street vibe, but in a clean way. Not too many bells and whistles. So lots of black and jeans :). 
We definitely wanted to get a few walking shots, but if you’ve never done them it can be a bit tricky as a model. Do you walk fast or slow, big steps or small steps, where do you look, what do you do with your hands… So I showed the do’s and don’ts and we practised a bit walking up and down. I’m sure the neighbors thought it looked ridiculous, but I don’t care. Wait till you see the results! Jeans from Junarose by the way, aren’t they awesome??
Trying to give Gisela a high five, cause she was doing such a banging job… but that girl had her eye on the prize! No way to distract her. So she just left me hanging :D.

This one is priceless… Photographers sometimes have to take certain positions while shooting, to get to the right level to take the shot… and Arno has to exaggerate it even more cause he’s so tall.
We call this particular pose “the drinking giraffe”. Any idea why?
We also shot some pics in a park where dogs are allowed to roam freely. Turns out Gisela is actually terrified of dogs. Whoops, sorry darling!

Aaaand… the results! So happy with them! Curves and cool vibes all the way!

And ofcourse, some shots of us together afterwards :).

model: Gisela (
photographer: Arno Nieuwhof (
styling: me

The Berlin Report

Sooo, I’m back! Safe and sound. The plane didn’t crash, the public transportation was a shining example of Deutsche Gr├╝ndlichkeit, my highschool-german came in superhandy and I only got a little bit lost. Overall, it was pretty great! A small report :).
 I tried taking some pictures, cause that’s usually something I forget. I feel like such a good blogger now.
The benefits of getting up early ( I had to take my first train at 7, and it is a 30 minute walk to the trainstation from where I live) ; watching the sun rise. I love pink skies! Maybe I should get up this early every day. (ehm, no.)

2 trainrides, a planeride, another trainride and a taxiride later (I ended up not taking the public transportation to the shoot, I was already running late) I arrived at the shoot. It’s always nice when you’re welcomed like this :).

Ich bin eine Pretzel! Love the hair and make up of the shoot :). Probably not the best picture to showcase it, but trust me on this one.

Skyhigh silver glittery stiletto Jimmy Choo’s for the shoot! AAAH! They were gorgeous, but my feet still hate me. I have no idea how other women do it.

By the time the shoot was over and I was at the hotel, it was almost 10PM and I was exhausted. So I hit the shower and went straight to bed. My flight back the next day wasn’t until late in the afternoon, so I had a couple hours to discover a bit of Berlin.
The hotel-lady told me that Brandenburger Tor was nearby (only 10 minutes on foot) and super easy to find, so my plan was to start there and work my way up to the Needle tower, another sightseeing point a couple kilometers ahead.
45 minutes later, I was hopelessly lost and no clue where I was. I asked for directions 3 times, but still no Brandenburger Tor. I was just about to start crying when I saw this. Yes! Salvation!! Turns out it really was superclose, and I had just been walking in circles around it. Me and my wonderful sense of direction…

So okay, it took me an hour and 20 minutes to find… but I was there :). The weather was glorious and I had a great day ahead of me and all that walking was great, cause I must have burned all the calories from that pretzel by now. There’s a positive side to everything!

As it turns out, Berlin is a wonderful city! Certain aspects of it are supernew and shiny and designy and hyper organized, but there’s also some lovely older bits and feel to it, and cute little shops. Definitely quite a fashionable city as well. My general view of germans is that they’re not the most fashionforward people in the world (except when it comes to Lederhosen, obviously) but I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of people witth their own individual style, not afraid to stand out. Very refreshing when you live in a town where white leggings and crocs are considered a fashion statement.
So I came across this shop I’d never heard of, “gina tricot”. I loved everything they had. Literally every single thing. They went to a size 14 (44 EU)  – XL and had a lot of stretchy items. So totally inbetweenie proof as well. I spotted this stretch black skinny jeans… and its name was Molly! And it was totally something the Molly-side of me would wear! And I put it on and it was a match made in heaven! When the gods give you so many signs, you just can’t ignore them.

I also saw this hilarious headband with bangs attached to it. Exactly my color, and I’ve always wanted bangs… but you don’t have to listen to the gods everytime :D. Still, I think it looks pretty real.

Around and under the tram tracks (or is it trains? Hard to tell.) there were all these cute little shops and restaurants, great areas to get lost in. I spotted this cute store “who killed Bambi” and went in to look around, and they had a bunch of really cool, quirky, designy things.

I LOVED this cropped top with an albino dear on it. Totally brings out my inner hipster Snowwhite. Obviously I’m not going to wear it like this… I’m kind of picturing it with a highwaisted skirt :).
This angel shirt was adorable too, but choices had to be made. Too bad!
So, on to my destination point; the needle. I’m sure you can imagine why they call it that… And after that, it was time already to catch my flight back!
Obligatory “I was on a plane” shot. But everything is covered in foggy ewness. I blame smog! I mean really people, how on earth am I supposed to take a fancy plane picture and be a good blogger like this?
There’s one important thing I learned about myself :). I like traveling alone, and I can do it, I shouldn’t be so stressed about it… but most importantly: I prefer to travel in company. I had a blast, but it would have been even more fun if I could have shared my experiences there with someone else. So I’m definitely going back there someday. Jawohl!