To the guys who made fun of me at the gym today

Today I was in the gym, minding my own busines, when I glanced in the mirror and noticed 2 guys pointing at me and laughing. I was wearing headphones and decided to turn off my iPod but keep my headphones on so that I could find out what they were saying. The conversation went something like this:

“I can’t believe this. Leggings for fat people should be like illegal or something, that looks disgusting.”

“yeah man, and while they’re at it they shouldn’t allow ugly people in the gym either.”

So charming, right? Here’s an open letter to the guys who made fun of me at the gym today.



Dear guys,

I was feeling pretty awesome until I overheard you. And now I’m just really sad.

Sad that you lack the intellectual capacity to realize that mirrors don’t just exist so that you can admire your biceps, but that other people can see you in it too. Sad that you have the emotional width of a teaspoon. Sad that you feel so bad about yourself that you think you need to trash others just so that you can feel slightly better about yourself. Sad for your mothers, who probably think they have raised kind and decent young men. If only they knew. Sad for the girls that will once love you and the daughters you may once raise.

I do not feel sad for myself though, because, well, I’m a pretty great person.

Dear guys, I hope you realize your laughing will have absolutely zero fucking impact on my decision to wear whatever I want. This is what I feel comfortable in, so this is what I will wear. What I look like during a workout is none of your business. So next time the sight of my leggingcovered butt offends you, I suggest you take your opinion, put a nice bow on it, shove it right back where it came from and choke on it.


I hope one day you will learn to see the value of people by the size of their heart – not by the size of their ass in a pair of leggings.