OOTD; blazer love affair

I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how we all have our uniform. To some it’s jeans and a top, to me it’s a miniskirt, black tights and a blazer. I just keep going back to this over and over again!

I love the skirt because of the lenght and the colour, and the fact that it has some shimmer to it. It was the only one left on sale, and it was in my size. When that happens, it’s a sign of the gods that you have to buy it (laugh all you want, thousands of women around the world think like this :p).
There was a time when the under-belly-shadow in the pictures would have caused a minor meltdown, but those times are gone. It’s just a shadow, no reason to freak out. I love not having to stress about things like this anymore, it was so exhausting…
The blazer is from Edith Dohmen, from her own label. Blazers are important to me: they are the last layer that you add to your clothes, so they really are the finishing touch. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it, and I was so thrilled when it got on sale, so I could finally get my hands on it with my studentbudget! The colour, the print, the shape… it just goes so well with my wardrobe, and I wear it all the time.
The collection is designed especially for inbetweenies (size 12 to 18), and that really shines through in the fit: I love that it is long (sooo sick of all those short boxy blazers in bigger sizes), that it has a nice waistline (great to fake a waist if you don’t have one!), that the sleeves are so long (if you’re shorter, you can roll them up, but I don’t have to) and that it has some extra room around the arms :). You can check out the rest of her collection here. There’s a 70% discount going on at the moment!
Okay, let’s talk about the broche! I have a minor broche addiction. In fact, I was quite shocked when I came to the conclusion that I haven’t worn a single one in any of my outfits so far!
A broche is like a decorative pin. It used to be worn on the lapels of a jacket (it still is, though mostly by elderly ladies), but I usually wear it with a buttoned up shirt (a bit like you would wear a statement necklace). Sometimes I put one (or a couple, haha) on a baret to pimp it up a bit. You can buy them new obviously, but they are quite common in vintage shops as well, which is where I usually buy mine :).
blazer Edith Dohmen (size 14) – skirt New Look (size 16) – blouse Primark (size 16) – broche vintage – shoes New Look