Come try on Marina Rinaldi with me!

Hi gals! A couple of days ago I posted a little preview on instagram of some exciting news coming up, and here I am with all the details!

I was contacted by Marina Rinaldi a couple of weeks ago to come by their store in Antwerp to have a chat and see what we could do. Marina Rinaldi is a brand that I’ve been following from a distance for years, because their designs are so highend and beautiful but at the same time I always felt like I wasn’t rich enough or pretty enough or classy enough or whatever to shop their line…but boy was I wrong! Anyway, back to my story.

So they invited me over to chat about the launch of the denim collection they made with Ashley Graham (pics below, more on that later!) and how they wanted to do something fun and lowkey to highlight the collection. Turns out, they have this superfun event planned on the 24th of February where you can come by the store to see the collection and try it on in person (trust me, it’s even more gorgeous in real life!).

”What, me? Come to the Marina Rinaldi store? But it’s so fancy, I don’t know if I’ll fit in there!”

If you’re having this thought, girl, you are not alone. I felt the exact same way. But after going there, I realized how wrong I was. I was greeted by the kindest, friendliest people who knew exactly when to come help me and when to let me do my thing. They also explained to me that they are totally fine with women trying things, even if they don’t end up buying (this is always one of my fears, that they will be mad at me for not buying anything hah!).

Marina Rinaldi is very much aware that some women find it intimidating to come by the store (yep, guilty here!) but it’s an image they would like to change and after going through the experience myself, I am 100% down with that.

”Oh but I don’t think I can afford to wear their stuff”

That’s okay. This really isn’t about going in with a giant bag of cash and buying everything in sight. It’s okay if you try something on and just leave it there. Personally, I’m not in that stage of my life where I could buy an entire wardrobe from them, but I am definitely going to start saving up to buy a couple pieces on sale. I mean, they’re basically Max Mara’s curvy sister, so we’re talking designer goodies here. Why not invest in a piece that is special and that you can cherish for a very long time?

”Okay, you’ve got a point. So, you were saying something about an event?”

Yes! Now that we’ve worked on our anxiety of visiting such a beautiful store, let’s talk about this event! You’ve seen the pics from Ashley and the collection pretty much everywhere, but now it’s time to come see and try it for yourself. I have had a sneak preview and trust me, it’s TO DIE FOR. I may have cried a bit when I saw it (no worries MR, tears of joy!). I would really like to invite you all to swing by on the 24th and come say hi. I even have a fancy invitiation and everything. So come on, let’s denim!

FYI, there is also a massive shopping voucher to be won.

”Wait, are you saying that by going to this event I can win money to go shopping?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. They are holding an in-store competition (participation is free and supereasy) where you can win €1000 worth of shopping money. I KNOW RIGHT?!

Oh, and if you needed one more reason (besides, you know, all the awesome reasons listed above), let me seduce you one more time with pictures from the Ashley Graham x Marina Rinaldi collection. Try not to drool.

Will I see you there?

OOTD – Red suit love

It’s really funny that I’m such a dresses-kind-of-girl but keep posting suits on the blog! What can I say, I’m a sucker for co-ords and suits are the ultimate co-ord, right? This red suit is from Belloya, and it’s seriously the bomb. It’s made from a slightly stretchy material and has a close, tailored fit (Finally! Tailoring in plussize! Finally! FINALLY!). It comes in  black too, aka the colour of my heart, but a red suit makes such an impact that I just couldn’t resist. I took a very down-to-earth approach to styling it, and just paired it with a simple black tee and some heels. I personally don’t feel like this suit needs a lot of embellishment, it kinda speaks for itself, although I also envision it with a hot pink top or a white lace top or something… Maybe next time ;).

I’m basically addicted to these basic t-shirts from New Look. I buy them in bulk, so I always have a shirt to pair with skirts or to work out in, and it gives such a relaxed comfi vibe to an otherwise very fancy suit. They’re very light and, admittedly, slightly seethrough, but what’s the point in buying expensive bras if you can’t show them off right?

Suit – courtesy of Belloya, all opinions are my own. Check out the collection here.
Heels – New Look wide fit
shirt – New Look
Photography by Silverpixs

What do you think of this look?