OOTD – tropical wrapdress

I used to stay away from light colours because I was told they make you look fat. I know, silly right? Thank god I no longer believe in that little story, cause otherwise I would have completely missed out on this gorgeous white wrap dress with tropical leaf print from Belloya.

Belloya is known for its dresses and they have several wrap dresses in their collection. I think a wrap dress is such an iconic, classic piece that every woman should own. They are so versatile and very sizefriendly, because you can adjust them to your size and shape for a perfect fit. This one gets special bonuspoints because it’s made from a stretchy, natural material, which makes this sweaty girl very happy, hah!

I especially appreciate those little details that show a lot of thought went into a design. The wrap is extra wide and provides plenty of coverage and the “belt” is very long so you can comfortable wrap it around your body. It’s those little details that count! It also comes in a dark blue, but I just couldn’t resist it in white. Bring on those hot summer days, I’m ready!

Dress – courtesy of Belloya, all opinions are my own. Shop here
shoes – New Look wide fit
photography by Silverpixs

Style hack! How to wear a skirt

Skirts are a difficult item to wear for a lot of women, and when I ask why I always get the same reply: “I don’t know which top to wear it with”. Fear no more, because I got a very easy trick for you that makes combining skirts and tops a piece of cake.

Think of it as “wearing skirts, beginner level”. If you have no problem wearing skirts or if you’re one of those fashion daredevils that mixes a bunch of prints together, then congrats! You’re an expert! But if you’re the girl who keeps looking at that skirt in her closet but never wears it cause you don’t know what to wear it with… this is the blog for you! Ready? Here it goes:

Match one colour of your top to the colour of your skirt, or vice versa.

Sounds complicated? I got you! Here are some examples to illustrate my point.

A plain skirt with a printed top

Pick a top that has at least one colour that’s the same as the colour of your skirt. Here I chose a monochromatic black and white striped top to go with a black skirt, and a yellow and white lemon print top to go with a yellow skirt.

A printed skirt with a plain top

Same principle, but reversed. Pick one colour from the print in your skirt, and wear it with a top in that colour. Here, the white skirt with grey-blue and light pink flowers is worn with a light pink top. It would have also worked with a grey-blue top or with a white top. The leopardprint in the skirt is made from various tones of brown and black, and I’m wearing it with a black top. The black skirt has a floral print with bright tones of red and orange and subtle tones of white, and is paired with a white top (but would also have worked with black or bright orange red).

None of the above

It could also be that you want to wear a plain skirt with a plain top. That is more a matter of knowing what colours work together. For instance, I’m matching this fuchsia skirt with a shirt with a bright orange-pinkish shirt. Or you could stick to one colour, like the white skirt combined with a white top.

Ofcourse there are many other ways to wear and combine skirts, but this is a great way to start. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to wear a skirt every now and then. Good luck!