Full Figured Fashion week – but where’s the fashion?

I thought long and hard before writing this blog. Because I really believe in diversity and being positive, I don’t want to have a blog that takes pleasure in bashing people. So that is definitely not my intent. But then again, I also believe in equal treatment for plus and regular fashion, in every way. And the “regular” fashionweeks are followed closely by thousands if not millions of people around the world, every look put under a microscope, every show analyzed… So I figured, FFFweek deserves to be looked at the same way as I look at “regular” fashion: the Anna Wintour treatment!


First of all, I think it’s great FFFweek offers a platform where previously there was nothing. I also think it’s great that many people in the plus size community are so excited about it and attend the event and meet. In a community where a lot of excitement happens online, it’s always nice to meet people in person and get the creative juices flowing. So it brings people together.

That being said, I can’t say I’m really excited about FFFweek myself, personally. The fullfigured is there, but where is the fashion?  
The majority of the collections were a combination of stretchy fabrics, outdated prints and lack of tailoring (a lot of clothing looked like it were a couple of pieces of fabric stitched together randomly). For an event that calls itself fashion week, I really expect more.  Hopefully, better luck next year!
Here are some images from the collections. What do you think of them? Let me know!
Collection: Amiiee. I kind of like the color palette, and I’m always a sucker for a bit of shine when it comes to clothing. I also appreciate that she made a fall/winter collection (as opposed to other designers, who made a spring/summer collection for 2013, even though over half the season has already passed). But I have issues with the tailoring (boxy, unflattering proportions), and the impractical placing of see-through fabric.
Collection: Huudaverti. Again, I sort of like the color palette, and the use of shiny fabrics, and that it’s a fall/winter collection. There are a couple of pieces I liked, I think this collection has potential. But I also feel that this collection is unfinished somehow, like if they just worked on it a little bit longer it could have been great.
collection: Kaylene. Spring/summer collection, why? Absolutely not a fan of the maxi-dresses, the prints were awful and I don’t think the dresses were very flattering. The 2 dresses on the right have potential. They have a bit of a 60’s vibe going on that is trendy right now.. but again: tailoring (look at how crooked the hemlines are). They just don’t seem to fit right or do nothing special for the body.
collection: The Skinny Billionaires. I have no words for this collection. It just seems like she took a couple of pieces of fabric, tied them together and called it fashion.
collection: Tru Diva Designs. no idea which season this is supposed to be, but I’m guessing summer. The color palette was cute, lots of whites and tones of beige with splashes of orange, but again: unflattering designs with bad tailoring. And no, I have no idea what’s going on with that jumpsuit either.
collection: Curvy Couture. This is a lingeriebrand that has been going around for a little while, so I was expecting this to be nice. They had like a romantich moulin rouge/ venetian ball theme going on, with a bit of a Victoria’s Secret show vibe. I liked it, I like their lingerie. I wish the styling had been a little bit cleaner, but most of all I wish they could have had a more professional looking, polished show (but that’s not up to them, the location is what it is). But overall, quite nice!
collection: T-Tyme Lady Couture. Short A-line dresses, illfitting tops, seethrough pants and ruffIes on the waist… I think this one speaks for itself.
collection: Rue114. And again, a summer collection… The 2 outfits on the left are from the collection. Notice that the woman in the middle dress is wearing nudecoloured panties under her see-through skirt. At first I thought maybe it was a skirt to go to the beach, but then why isn’t she wearing bikini-bottoms or something? Overall I’m just really confused. The dress on the left I have no words for. Ironically, the woman on the right is the designer, and I think what she’s wearing is supercute! It’s got classic elements, vibrant colors and african influences, and she looks great. I wish her collection looked more like what she was wearing herself: keep it simpel!
pictures from estrellafashionreport.blogspot.com
What I find particularly painful, having a bigger size myself, is that the collections seem to move completely seperately from what’s going on in fashion. I don’t know about you, but what I really want the most is to wear what’s in style. We’re just generally always behind and/or completely clueless on what is hot and happening. Seriously designers: it’s great that you want to have your own identity, but that does not mean you need to be completely detached from what’s going on in fashion. Watch some shows, read some trendreports, do some research and take a look at the world around you!