OOTD; channeling my inner Lagerfeld

Hello beautiful people!

Today I’m channeling my inner Lagerfeld. I didn’t mean to (I don’t even like him that much, although he does have GREAT style), it just sort of happened, but I like it :p. For those of you who don’t know Karl Lagerfeld (or, as I like to call him, my brother from another mother), here he is!

I intentionally chose a picture from when he was bigger (he’s quite thin now), just because I don’t like how he talks about curvy and bigger women now… Don’t forget who you used to be Karl!
Anyway, just kidding, obviously. But still, always a great look to be inspired by :).
So okay, again a lot of vintage thrown in the mix today! The jacket I found in the treasurechest that is my mother’s closet. The blouse is a wonderfully “ugly” piece I hunted down in a secondhand store: it has lace and tiny buttons all over. Today I’m just showing a hint of the collar, but mark my words: you’ll see this one again, in all its glory. Someday.
The black sparkly dress is from Asos. I got it on sale and absolutely love it. It’s the first thing I ever bought there, and I’m still in love with it. I’ve become quite the asos expert, so if you ever have any questions about ordering there, you’ll know where to find me!
 Speaking of love: these shoes are the cutest things to ever walk the surface of the earth, I swear. I’m never taking them off ever again.
 jacket mom’s closet (size XL) – dress Asos (UK 18) – blouse Vintage – shoes New Look – earrings New Look

OOTD; family treasure

I won’t lie to you; I’m as big a fan of Primark and New Look and all those other big clothing chains as the next girl… But at the same time, I also like it when clothes are unique and special. Like what I’m wearing today.
The skirt was made by my grandmother decades ago. She was a humble woman with a humble background, working on her farm with my grandfather, and running a household with 6 children. She didn’t have a lot of clothes, and what she had was simple.
When she passed away, I wanted some things that belonged to her to remember her by. It was such a shock for me to realize that her clothes fit me perfectly. It’s as if they were made for me (she was also a very tall woman) and since then, wearing some of her clothes, however simple, have become a way for me to honor her and the memory of her. It may be simple, but to me it’s an absolute treasure.

This is a wonderful midi-skirt she made, with buttons in the front. I’m pairing it with a lace top, a statement necklace, boots and my beloved red lipstick.

The boots are awesome; they’re kneehigh and made from a faux-snakeleather stretchy material, so they fit perfectly around your legs without sagging and without cutting of your bloodsupply. I don’t have particularly large calves, but do have trouble sometimes finding boots that fit. Stretch is really the way to go then!
If I wear these with a shorter skirt, it makes me feel like I should be walking up an down the red light district… but with a longer skirt (so you can’t see where the boots end) I find them so sexy in such a sophisticated way. The belt is part of a dress I never wear, so I just took it out and wear it with other things :)
I tried doing some portraits, but it got so windy outside and my hair was having a life of its own. I’d like to think it’s my grandmother saying hello, but I’m just sentimental like that :). I do think she would have liked the outfit, she was always so proud of me and telling me how beautiful I was. Every girl deserves a grandmother like that!
top forever21 (size 1X) – skirt vintage – boots Sasha – belt part of a dress – necklace Primark