my tips for shopping vintage

I didn’t realize how much of my wardrobe was vintage (or old secondhand) until I started posting outfits. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of question on where to find certain items or how to shop for vintage stuff, so I thought I’d share my tips with you :).

Always try everything on: it’s about shape, not about size

A very important rule for shopping in general, but definitely when shopping vintage! You never know how something will look on you until you try it on. Sizing was often different in different decades, so don’t let the sizelabels guide you too much and focus on shape. A skirt that once fit on the hips may very well fit like a glove on your waist, a tunic that is too big may be the cutest mini-dress, man’s oversized pants may be an excellent boyfriend jeans, and so on. If it fits right and looks great, it really doesn’t matter what size it is.

Stay true to your style, don’t let bargains distract you

Sometimes you can find really awesome pieces at an amazing price… but don’t let the price fool you! If it’s really not your style, don’t buy it. It will just hang in your closet forever without ever being worn, and that’s such a shame. Beautiful clothes are meant to be seen, so if it’s not your style; leave it for someone else to enjoy.

Check out the men’s department

For nice tailoring, it’s always a good idea to check out the men’s clothes as well. Especially for shirts, blazers and pants, but you can also find some really cute accessories.

Remember that clothes can be altered or updated

I know there are people out there who think vintage clothes are a sanctity and should not be altered, but I’m not one of them. So when you’re out vintageshopping, remember that skirts can be shortened, buttons can be replaced, dresses can be taken in, fabrics can be dyed and shoulder pads can be taken out. If there’s an item you love that can be altered, don’t be afraid to go for it an truly make it your own.


Take your time

Vintage shops tend to have a lot of stuff, which can be quite overwhelming. Don’t go vintageshopping in a hurry; take your time to go passed each rack and collect items on the way.

Nothing in your size? Hit the accessories!

I always think it’s such a pity when women with a bigger size avoid all shops that don’t have clothes in their size. Vintage shops usually have a great collection of accessories, everything from jewellery to bags to scarfs to sunglasses to belts to shoes (especially for those with smaller feet). It’s  always worth paying a visit, even when you think they don’t have anything in your size!

enjoy your next vintage treasure hunt!