Introducing my favorite vintage shop

I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about my go-to vintage shop before I kick off vintage week! It’s really my go-to place, and most of the vintage clothes I own and will share in vintage week come from them, so they deserve a little introduction :).
I’m a big fan of Think Twice. They have several shops all over Belgium (for info, check bottom of page). The shop I go to is located in a small, nondescript, dodgylooking street near the Meir (one of the main shopping streets of Antwerp) and my school; I can’t tell you how many times I walked right by them without paying attention haha. But then once I went in, it was like exploring a new world!

They have a collection for men and women, plus some accessories (shoes, jewellery, stockings, scarfs, handbags,…). Everything is organized according to color and type of clothing (blouses, dresses, skirts, coats,…). All sizes are mixed together, so you do really have to look for yours. But to me, that’s part of the charm: it’s like a treasure hunt!

Their items are super reasonably priced. Most of the clothing is between 10 and 25 euros. But that’s not the best part… The collection changes every 5 weeks, and the last 2 weeks with ridiculous sales. After 3 weeks, they start with discounts of 30% and 50%, and after that they gradually lower their prices from “everything for 5 euro” to “everything for 1 euro”. That’s right: EVERYTHING. Ridiculous. By the time they get to 1 euro, a lot of the best stuff is already gone, so I personally recommend going when it’s 4-5 euros, but it’s still pretty amazing how much you can find and how little you pay. Warning, it’s highly addictive!

What can you expect when you shop there?

  • a clean shop

There are some vintage stores where I’m afraid to touch things, but that’s not the case here. It’s always clean and organized. Except during final sale days, when it’s complete madness. Worse than primark on a rainy saturday afternoon, so get there early :p.

  • relatively good quality

Okay, it’s not one of those stores where they sell high-end vintage designer stuff (although I have found a dior blazer their once!), so the quality is not always superamazing… but it’s great value for money.

  • friendly staff

They mind their own business and let you do your thing, which is something I can highly appreciate. Nothing as annoying as being in the middle of trying on a sparkly dress that you’re not sure will fit and you’re slightly panicking in the (okay, too small) fitting room when an overly friendly saleslady comes to ask you if everything is going okay in there. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask: they’re there to help if you want it.

  • a mix of styles
I always see a variety of people there: die-hard retro fashionista’s, 80’s hipsters, alternative bohemian babes, stylish grannies, “ordinary” shoppers,… all sorts of backgrounds and styles really. So there is something there for everyone!

If you’re belgian and you’ve never heard of them: definitely look them up. If you ever visit Belgium (yes Dutchies, I’m mostly talking to you here) go for it!

website and store locator: click here
facebookpage (great to keep up with their sales): click here

Oh yeah, I made a bikini!

I just can’t believe I never thought of doing this before…  I proudly present: the ultimate homemade bikini guide for dummies
Step 1. Take an old bathingsuit
In my case, this vintage grannyfabulous one. I fell in love with the color and the print and it sort-of-kind-of fit when I tried it on, and it was only 2 euros so I bought it… and have never worn it since. Reason being that the fit is not for me: I either have fabulous looking boobs and a major baywatch-crotch situation going on, or I’m okay in the crotch area but my boobs look like they’re hanging at the bottom of my ribcage. Not sexy.
Step 2. Get into crazy-mode
I found cutting my clothes surprisingly difficult. I really needed to get into a crazy ex-girlfriend mindset. Now I’m a bit worried about how much I liked it.
Step 3. Take some scissors and cut the bathingsuit in half
Step 4. Adjust to fit your wants and needs
 I was thinking of making it highwaisted, but that didn’t really suit me so I switched it up for a more regular bottom and a more longline-ish top.
Okay, this is really just what it looks like after cutting it in half an taking out a piece :p. I still need to properly finish it, but still: Tadaaaaaa!
I’m super excited now. I have several not-so-perfect-fitting bathingsuits that I can’t wait to transform into bikini’s. There’s a whole world of endless possibilities out there folks!