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A day in my life as a model for JUNAROSE

AAAAHHH finally I can share this great news with you! As you may know, for the following year I get to be a JUNAROSE ambassador on my blog, sharing great fashion with you each month. But I also got the opportunity to do another great JUNAROSE project… I got to shoot a little collection!
So here’s the story: Belgian stylist and kickass curvy chick Lien Degol, who happens to be a great fan of JUNAROSE as well, is launching a belgian campaign where she picks her favorite items from the JUNAROSE collection, styled her way. Junarose by Lien Degol! And since I’m a plussize model, and Belgian, and a junarose ambassador, and part Danish (well that’s actually not that relevant but still, it doesn’t hurt either in this case :p) they thought it would be nice to use me as the model! Crazy cool right? 
Follow me (and my ipad) around on my little photodiary: a day as a model for JUNAROSE by Lien Degol.

 On my way to the shoot… Early! Without any make up on! Alarmclocks that go off at 5  in the morning and having to show your bare morningface to clients is an important and very unglamourous part of modeling that very few people realize.
 Luckily, the day starts with hair and makeup. Skilled make up artists are worth their weight in gold. If I were rich (or an evil genius) I’d probably keep a stash of make up artists hidden in my basement to make me beautiful whenever I want to! I mean, LOOK AT THOSE EYEBROWS. Karima, you’re the best!

Shoot time! Check out our superfashionable footwear (don’t worry, it’s not a new trend for spring, it’s so that the perfectly white floor doesn’t get any marks from dirty shoes). Standing next to me are Karima, Mathias and Natascha from Bestseller Belgium and photographer An, who loves her camera and isn’t afraid to show it (you go girl!).


 But first… let me take a selfie! Working with Lien was actually a dream come true. I’m actually such a big fan of her… I’ve watched her on tv a million times. I own her book for crying out loud! So to be able to work with her that day was a bit surreal. She’ll probably eyeroll when she reads this (you read my blog, right Lien :p?) because I can honestly tell you she’s super down to earth, but to me it really felt like working with a celebrity. Working with Lien can now officially be scratched off my model-bucketlist, whoop whoop!
 The photographer selecting and editing on set…  I’m glad I got to sneak a peek, because usually it takes months before you see the result.This was shot in october!


 It’s a wrap! Thanks team!

Curious about the results? Here they are!

 The idea was to show 4 different looks, so there is a style for everyone. These 2 looks were my personal favorite. I love that classic red coat and the sleeveless biker jacket!

photography by An Desmedt
styling by Lien Degol
muah Karima

What do you think of the pictures?

modeling – new hair and fresh start!

yeey, picturetime! If you’ve been following me on instagram (what’s that you say? You don’t follow me? Go fix that nonsense right now you goofeball, go on!) you’ve probably seen a couple of these floating around already, but now it’s time to show them in their full glory!

These are the first results I can share with you this year, since I cut off my hair :). To be honest I’m still getting used to it haha, it’s soooo different from what I used to have! Washing my hair takes about 2 minutes now, and my neck is always a bit chilly… But at the same time I’m glad I cut it off because after the shittiest summer of my life and being really sick, I was so ready for a fresh start. And there’s nothing like having awesome pictures taken of your new hair to embrace the change!


make up, hair and photography by Inge Van den Broeck ( This woman is not just a make up artist, she’s a wizard. Seriously. Just look at all that gloriousness going on on my face :o.

Hope you like them as much as I do, what do you think?