modelling – styling

photoshoot; dark romance

absolutely love this series I shot with photographer Frank Brouwer and make up artist Kathleen Van Walle. I did the styling myself.
Frank and I have been meaning to work together for at least a year, but life kept interfering. I’m very grateful that he managed to find the time in his busy schedule to do this shoot. His approach to this was very simple: treat this like any other “straightsize” shoot, and show that beauty and inspiration has no size. Which is exactly how I feel about it! It’s my main reason to model :). Kathleen is a make up artist and a fellow inbetweenie, it was great having her on set; not only for the pretty make up, but also to give her opinion on the styling.
It’s still difficult for me to be both stylist and model at the same time, because the stylist in me would like to watch the shoot from a distance, but ofcourse that’s not possible when I’m also the model. It’s like trying to be at 2 places at once! I’m learning though.
We wanted to go for feminine and classy and romantic, but with a bit of a darker, raw edge. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks team!



photographer Frank Brouwer (
Make up artist Kathleen Van Walle

photoshoot – clean and natural

Did a photoshoot a couple of days ago with friend and fellow model Kitty Van Pooij. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I know, she is also really good at doing hair and make up! And she photographs! Total triple threat :).

I really wanted to do something with a very natural feel, very clean. It’s funny to me, cause when I first started out as a model I had a preference for doing really over the top concepts with crazy hair and make up and very exaggerated poses and expressions. And if I’m being honest, I still like that haha, but lately, I’m just really enjoying myself with doing these type of very clean, natural type of shoots.

it was a very dark and cloudy day and we were shooting with natural light, so it wasn’t easy, but I think we made it work. Here’s what we came up with!


 And here’s a little backstage shot, here you can also really see how totally gorgeous the makeup was!

 So what do you think of the results?