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Results of our shoot with Johara

 Okay, so I told you earlier about how my boyfriend and I team up every now and then as a stylist and a photographer, and do testshoots with other models. This is one of those shoots we did last sunday, and I am sooo happy I can show the results!
The model for this shoot was Johara. Johara is a stunning size 20 beauty with the most insane, hypnotizing blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s a bit short to model for fashion agencies, but I that shouldn’t stop her from creating awesome things :).
So the vibe we were going for was luxury, femininity, a hint of oriental moulin rouginess, decadence, softness, a little bit ethereal, old hollywood glamour… You get the picture. I went hunting for all sorts of pretty fabrics that we could use for the shoot, mostly to drape the furniture with (the house is completely white, so creating a setting was kind of important :p).
Check out some backstage pictures! We shot with coloured light, so these are no fancy instagram-filters. 
In that last shot, she had to pose with her hands and didn’t know what to do. With new models, I tend to  physically show them what to do and what not to do, as I think it’s easier for them to understand than just giving directions verbally. It makes for pretty silly backstage pictures though. In this case: “think of your fingers as long and elegant, otherwise they’ll look like claws
The styling is mostly vintage things I had lying around or went looking for. Stretchy dresses are a lifesaver: they’ll fit sizes 8 to 18 so I can use them on a variety of models :). The flower crown I made myself (yes, I’m crafty like that. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a gluegun)
Here are the results! I’m superhappy with them, and I’m so happy that we got to show yet again that beauty really does have no size. Totally unbiased opinion, ofcourse.

And ofcourse, no shoot is complete without the obligatory selfies with the team (you can tell I’m not used to taking selfies. I don’t know where I was looking at, but it was definitely not in the right direction)

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photoshoot: belly love!

I did a quick shoot with my boyfriend last weekend. He tests with “straightsize” models from time to time, and I always love the pictures so much that I’ve been begging him to shoot something similar with me :).
Here’s a beautiful picture he shot of model Lisa:
So we went for a similar look, just very natural, lazy sundaymorning-ish with underwear and a shirt.
But here’s the thing: Lisa has an amazing modelbody, complete with rockhard stomach (an asset, so I’m told, for which she doesn’t do any special workout). Me, not so much.

I’m quite insecure about my belly, and the thought of sitting down with my belly exposed without having something to cover myself up with (like a pillow) makes me panick a little bit… but then I realized: it’s time to get over that and stop obsessing about it! So we just went for it.  And okay, in all fairness, I was sucking it in like I was a vacuum cleaner, but you know what? I LOVE the results! And I love my belly in these :).



 photography by Arno Nieuwhof (