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Taking agency polaroids – eeek!

It’s been my intention from the start to share modelstuffwith you guys on here as well, but for some reason all that I end up showing you guys are results from photoshoots. I guess I always think anything else will be uninteresting or boring, but in the spirit of trying new things I thought I’d just go ahead and give it a go ;). So today I’m going to talk to you about polaroids! I’ll start by explaining what they are , then I’ll show you mine (eeeek!) and if you’re curious: I’m sharing my personal story about mine at the bottom of the article.

Okay so first things first: they’re not actually polaroids. They’re just digital snapshots that show what you look like au naturel (technically with no makeup, although I do cheat a bit with some labello and mascara. Ssst don’t tell anyone!).

Because honestly, I know I’m a good model, but having an amazing photographer and great lighting and awesome hair and makeup and a bit of retouching here and there kind of helps too (a lot, actually :p). And because I don’t want clients to have a heartattack when they see me for the first time (omg she looks NOTHING like her pictures) want happy clients, polaroids come in handy.

It’s a fairly simple process: you put on something that shows off your body and shape and take some pictures in different angles, preferably in daylight. That’s it. No fancy stuff, no makeup and NO SELFIES.

As far as “poses” go, there are guidelines to follow. Shots you’ll definitely need are a full frontal bodyshot, shots that show you from the side and closeups from your face. Preferably with your hair up and your hair down. Depending on your look and market, smiling shots are good too.

This is kind of a scary thing for me to share (I’ll explain later in this post) but… here are mine! For some reason, some pictures turned out a bit more blue than others… I have no idea why that is, but it’s not the end of the world either. Just know that I didn’t add any fancy colours myself ;).

full bodyshot


sideways; I also do one where I lift my arm because my arms are rather chubby and otherwise they block like half my body. I can guarantee you that thin fashionmodels do not have this problem :p #thestruggleisreal (PS, take these shots from both sides!)


face closeups – hair up and hair down. For the record, you could totally just do a ponytail or something, I’m just kind of lazy so that’s why I’m holding up my hair.




face closeups from the side – hair up and hair down (again, take these shots from both sides.)


And that’s it, there’s really nothing else to it!

I’m always a bit nervous to take these, because I know I don’t look like the curvy bombshell or the smiley girl next door or the natural beauty. I’m kind of weirdlooking, I have superfluffy hair and belly outlines and dark circles under my eyes (even on 10 hours of sleep). It’s also become more rare in this market to see plussize models in my size (as far as measurements are concerned, I’m probably one of the biggest) so sometimes I do feel the pressure of wanting to look differently.

So then I start looking at these pictures like “I wish my butt had a different shape” and “I wish my arms were thinner” and “I wish my face was more like this and that” and I start feeling so insecure… and I don’t want that! At the end of the day, this is who I am, this is what I look like, and it’s good enough just the way it is :). I only have one body, so I’ll love the one I’m in.

photoshoot – hot stuff

“hot stuff”, I do mean that literally. It was the hottest week of summer, with temperatures hitting record highs. I had a shoot planned in an abandoned factory: a closed off space. No airconditioning. Dirt and dead pigeons everywhere. Great!

Because it’s pretty much impossible not to break a sweat in that kind of heat and because I didn’t want to drive the makeup artist to the point of insanity, we figured we’d go for a “sweaty” kind of wetlook. Bring on the shine and oil me up baby! I am superpleased with the results, it takes a great photographer like Frank Brouwer to make rolling in the dirt and pigeonshit look this good (oh, the modellife, so glamourous!). Thanks so much team <3

The reason I do these shoots is because I want to show that awesomeness and passion comes in all shapes and sizes. Just because you don’t look like you fit into a little box, doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself out there. If you can dream it, you can do it!

FOTO7527 FOTO7479 FOTO7474 FOTO7451 FOTO7423b

FOTO7706 FOTO7626 FOTO7646 FOTO7393 FOTO7681 FOTO7736 FOTO7754

photography by Frank Brouwer, MUAH by Kathleen Van Walle

What do you think of the results? Let me know darlings!