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10 moments every online shopper will know

I enjoy shopping at actual stores, but especially as a plussize consumer that gets so frustrating sometimes that I do a lot of my shopping online. That’s not exactly a punishment either, because I love that I can shop online at 3AM wearing spongebob pyama’s (something that would probably be frowned upon in actual stores). If you’re an online shopper, like me, you probably recognize all the feels below.

When you spot THE MOST PERFECT DRESS online and it’s on sale.


When you’re trying to figure out the sizeguide.


When you’re not sure about what size to get so you just take a guess.


When you see your size, but it says “hurry, only one left in stock”.


When all the sizes are still available, except yours.


When you’ve been putting everything you want in your basket, and then you see the total amount.


When you have to kill your darlings because you’re poor and can’t afford it all.


When you’re about to spend an insane amount of money and they add shipping costs out of nowhere, so suddenly you’re questioning if you still want to go through with it.


When everything you paid full price for 2 days ago is now available on sale.


When your new stuff arrives and everything fits.


Am I right ladies?

Budget lipstick I love | Hema soft matt

First things first: I’m not a beautyblogger. I couldn’t shape my face if my life depended on it, I have never curled my hair myself and I would probably lose an eye if I ever tried to put on fake eyelashes. That’s okay, because I know there are a lot of girls like me, girls that like makeup but are not particularly skilled, looking for easy makeup tips that will do the trick.

budget lipsticks

For someone who’s makeupskills are fairly non-existent, I do own a shitload of makeup. Lipstick is a particular favorite of mine, and because I’m broke as fuck and can’t afford MAC expensive lipsticks, but still want to own a billion different colours, I’m Always on the lookout for great budget lipsticks.

So today I wanted to share my favorite lipstick range: Hema soft matt. For non-dutchies and non-belgies, I’m afraid you won’t be able to shop these as Hema doesn’t exist in your country, but you’re welcome to stick around and look at the pictures ;).

Hema soft matt lipbalm

I swear to God: all these lipsticks are supercreamy and don’t dry out my lips but they look matt and stay on for hours without needing constant touchups. In fact, if I add lipliner underneath (yeah no I don’t Always wear lipliner. Told ya I wasn’t a beauty-girl) they will stay put all day, even if I drink and eat. And me being the loyal consumer that I am, I am now the proud owner of 7 lipsticks of this range*.

hema matte lipstick

Let’s have a look! As you can see, they have quite a stomp tip, so if you’re looking for that super sharp look you may want to combine it with lipliner, but for my everyday use it’s perfect. I own colours 04-05-07-08-09-10-15, pictured here left to right.

hema matte lipstick

What I’m particularly happy about is the pigmentation: one strike of the lipstick gives me a full, rich colour. Another HUGE plus for me as  a consumer: the colour of the casing actually comes pretty close to the colour of the of the lipstick. This sounds super logical, but I’ve lost count of the numbers of times I bought a lipstick in a certain shade that looked like a completely different colour once I actually put it on my face. #annoying.

hema matte lipstick

Speaking of my face, here’s what the lipsticks look like on me!  And before you Judge my pictures: I rushed home after work to take these ESPECIALLY FOR YOU GUYS. That’s real love right there.

04 is hotpink, 05 is darkpink like raspberries, 07 is a vibrant red-ish orange, 08 is a warm red, 09 is dark purple, 10 is a warm dark red and finally (for now :p) 15 is a cool dark lavender. Here they are in that order, without lipliner and with just 1 layer of lipstick. I would recommend a lipliner with 09, the dark purple, as it is slightly less covering compared to all the other ones. Big fan!

hema matte lipstick

hema matte lipstick hema-matte-lipstick-6

hema-matte-lipstick-7 hema-matte-lipstick-8 hema-matte-lipstick-9 hema-matte-lipstick-11

*this is not a sponsored post. Hema does not know I exist. I genuinely think these are the bomb and wanted to share my love with you. Hope you liked it!