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I am always bikiniproof

Lovely article from Edith Dohmen on Stylehasnosize (read it here ).
I think it’s bullshit women don’t dare to wear a bikini, because their body is not in shape yet! So you have to punish yourself weeks or even months to loose weight and get in shape. And probably only for a week or 2 for holiday at the beach. What the most funny thing is, you will see women there in bikini and comparing with yourself you will look great! Please… if you have the ‘guts’ to wear a bikini, it doesn’t matter what size you have. And it doesn’t matter if you have lost 3 kilo of little more in shape. Come on!”
I know I’ve already talked a lot about “getting ready for summer” and “getting a bikini” and how unnecessary I think it is to think that way… but I think it is a really important message, and I will probably repeat it a lot more the coming summers :).
You’re body is already bikiniready. You are good enough and beautiful enough the way you are. If you want to work out because it makes you feel happy, then go for it. But don’t put yourself in the negative spiral of “oh no, summer is coming and I don’t look good enough”. Work out because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it. And wear a bikini because you love your body and you deserve it. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of yourself and have fun!