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BESTSELLER SS15 press days

Last thursday I was invited to the Pressdays of Bestseller Belgium, the company that holds JUNAROSE, Vero Moda and Only (just to name a few). It was the first time being invited to something like this with the blog, and in retrospect I may have been a teeny bit too excited (way to keep it cool, Marianne). But then I remind myself never to apoligize for my enthusiasm.

Expect to see a lot of white, lace, kimono’s, bleached jeans, sporty influences, peachy pink tones and floral prints next spring!

I also had a great talk about the dilemma of designing and selling plussize fashion; you can design the most fashionforward and outrageous things, but if no one wants to buy them you can’t have a business. But at the same time, if (plussize) consumers see the same boring stuff over and over again and no one ever challenges them… nothing will ever change! Finding the balance between those two is a tricky road, but I think JUNAROSE is really on the right path :). It’s also up to us as a curvy consumer to support more fashionable options, and let our wallets do the talking.

A little photodiary of the trip!

starting the day with red lips and taking the train to Antwerp Central station.

how insanely gorgeous is this location?

 outfit of the day; bodycon turtleneck dress and spiked shoes (both from Asos)

 JUNAROSE’s little corner!
 some trends at Vero Moda…

  …and the same trends at JUNAROSE! Exactly what the plussize world asks for; to be able to wear the same trendy things as everyone else.

 A couple of my favorites :). Can’t wait to get my hands on that white lace dress!

danish pastry, crackers, cocktails (virgin for me, 10 in the morning is a little bit early to start drinking :p) and danish flags. Thumbs up for awesome catering!

I went back home with a cute goodiebag by Only filled with pretty little things, like ear headphones, lip balm, lookbooks and a cool shirt (I ofcourse forgot to photograph).

The impossible has happened.

I’m the worst marketeer ever. While other bloggers around me are taking their blogs to the next level, I’m sitting here blissfully unaware of what’s hot and happening in bloggerland, doing my own thing at my own pace. I know I should be promoting the bejeebus out of this blog on social media everywhere, spamming you with superimportant updates on how amazing my life is… but that’s not me. So I’m using my unawareness as a strength, and doing things my way :).

One of those things includes finally getting an instagram account! I never had it before, I didn’t even have a phone that supported the app (yes, you read that right, I’m that much of a techno-noob). But the impossible has happened and I started an account. And I’m ashamed to admit that over the course of the past 48 hours, I’ve become an addict.

Don’t expect beautifully photographed plates of quinoa salad, high-end beauty looks or hyperinteresting eventjournalism. It’s just more of me, in all my socially awkward glory. But hey, it’s still better to be absolutely mad than absolutely boring, right?

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