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OOTD – 90’s Ladyboss (and what I learned from this outfit!)

I remember my mom going to work in the 90’s, always in a suit or two-pice set. She had a delicate frame, but the pieces were huge, with wide shoulderpads and an oversized fit. I always thought she looked so elegant and badass. So when I saw this oversized suit, I was immediately drawn to it. I was gonna get my ladyboss on.

I had it all figured out. The suit, the shirt, the heels… It was going to be epic. Until I tried it on and saw it on picture, and all of a sudden I wasn’t that convinced anymore. I figured it out eventually: I think I feel better in oversized clothes when I combine oversized pieces with more fitted pieces, and play with the proportions a bit. Somehow, I don’t fil hip enough to pull off a completely oversized look, even though I always LOVE the look on someone else. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m happy I learned something about my personal style and preferences. Better luck next time ;).

Because this blog is not just about sharing the triumphs, but also about sharing the failures and the lessons, I wanted to share anyway. Especially because there are certainly lots of elements I like, like the shirt (which is totally awesome :p), the blazer, the shoes and the wonderful photography by Silvie from Silverpixs… It’s just how it is all combined that somehow doesn’t really work superwell for me. You live, you learn!

suit – New Look

shirt – Boohoo

shoes  – Asos wide fit

What do you think of this look?

OOTD – velvet pants & statement sleeves

Trends come and go, and I am definitely not someone who mindlessly follows all trends. But when I do love something, I definitely don’t hold back. This outfit combines 2 of my current favorite trends: velvet, and statement sleeves. Some trends are fun to look at but not realy wearable in real life (yes wearing-pyamas-as-outerwear-trend, I’m looking at you), but this is not the case for velvet & statement sleeves. Both can totally work in real life, for various occasions (I have previously shown a super awesome velvet dress here).

I spotted these black velvet joggers at Forever21 and just had to have them. In case you’re wondering: yes, they are as comfortable as they look. I’m considering buying a second pair, just in case. The top is a sweater I bought at Zara 2 years ago. Zara is one of those shops that I always check out even though they don’t carry my size, or anything remotely close to my size (I’m about 4-5 sizes bigger than their biggest size). If something is oversized and stretchy though, I just try it on and see what happens. In this case, an oversized sweater became a fitted top on my body… Works for me!

To sass things up a bit more, I added fishnet socks. Fishnet socks and I didn’t get along at first, but the more we got to know eachother the more I liked them…the rest is history. You can find these everywhere and they cost next to nothing, so if this is something you’d like to truy just give it a go! You might be surprised :).


Shot by Silverpixs

Sweater – Zara (old)

velvet pants – Forever21 plussize

heels – New Look wide fit (old)

fishnet socks – Forever21