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OOTD – Red suit love

It’s really funny that I’m such a dresses-kind-of-girl but keep posting suits on the blog! What can I say, I’m a sucker for co-ords and suits are the ultimate co-ord, right? This red suit is from Belloya, and it’s seriously the bomb. It’s made from a slightly stretchy material and has a close, tailored fit (Finally! Tailoring in plussize! Finally! FINALLY!). It comes inĀ  black too, aka the colour of my heart, but a red suit makes such an impact that I just couldn’t resist. I took a very down-to-earth approach to styling it, and just paired it with a simple black tee and some heels. I personally don’t feel like this suit needs a lot of embellishment, it kinda speaks for itself, although I also envision it with a hot pink top or a white lace top or something… Maybe next time ;).

I’m basically addicted to these basic t-shirts from New Look. I buy them in bulk, so I always have a shirt to pair with skirts or to work out in, and it gives such a relaxed comfi vibe to an otherwise very fancy suit. They’re very light and, admittedly, slightly seethrough, but what’s the point in buying expensive bras if you can’t show them off right?

Suit – courtesy of Belloya, all opinions are my own. Check out the collection here.
Heels – New Look wide fit
shirt – New Look
Photography by Silverpixs

What do you think of this look?

OOTD – black ruffle skirt & lace bodysuit

After a period of being really into suits, I’m back to my trusted old favorite: dresses & skirts. In my alltime favorite colour scheme: black with a shitload of more black. A lot of women wear black to hide themselves because they feel insecure about themselves (which is a pity, come on ladies!) but I just really love the colour and nothing about this outfit says ”please hide me”. I spotted the ruffled skirt at Boohoo and fell in love so hard that I bought it in 2 colours (the other one is a very light pink). It’s comfi and flirty and soft and it moves as I walk and it has a great length and there is basically nothing about it I don’t like. Can highly recommend!

Then a couple days later I saw this bodysuit and thought it would just be the perfect combo with the black skirt. I think bodysuits are so practical and comfi, no more constantly having to tuck in your shirt! The black lace is just such a classic, especially now that we’re moving towards holiday season, but it’s definitely something you can wear all year round. I also love the details of the see-through sleeves and the scalloped edge along the neckline.

While we were looking for outfit-photoshoot locations, the photographer suggested we shoot inside a giant diamond. Yeah, you read that right, a giant diamond. Turns out it was some sort of wooden construction inside a museum with glass panelling inside, giving the impression of being inside a giant diamond, and it turned out really cool and festive, perfect for the occasion!

Bodysuit and skirt – Boohoo
shoes – Asos wide fit
shot by Silverpixs