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OOTD – black ruffle skirt & lace bodysuit

After a period of being really into suits, I’m back to my trusted old favorite: dresses & skirts. In my alltime favorite colour scheme: black with a shitload of more black. A lot of women wear black to hide themselves because they feel insecure about themselves (which is a pity, come on ladies!) but I just really love the colour and nothing about this outfit says ”please hide me”. I spotted the ruffled skirt at Boohoo and fell in love so hard that I bought it in 2 colours (the other one is a very light pink). It’s comfi and flirty and soft and it moves as I walk and it has a great length and there is basically nothing about it I don’t like. Can highly recommend!

Then a couple days later I saw this bodysuit and thought it would just be the perfect combo with the black skirt. I think bodysuits are so practical and comfi, no more constantly having to tuck in your shirt! The black lace is just such a classic, especially now that we’re moving towards holiday season, but it’s definitely something you can wear all year round. I also love the details of the see-through sleeves and the scalloped edge along the neckline.

While we were looking for outfit-photoshoot locations, the photographer suggested we shoot inside a giant diamond. Yeah, you read that right, a giant diamond. Turns out it was some sort of wooden construction inside a museum with glass panelling inside, giving the impression of being inside a giant diamond, and it turned out really cool and festive, perfect for the occasion!

Bodysuit and skirt – Boohoo
shoes – Asos wide fit
shot by Silverpixs


OOTD – silver suit

I’m mostly a dresses-and-skirt-kinda-girl, but for some reason I had a bit of a pantsuit phase, which is why this is the 3rd look with pants on a row on the blog. I do notice I’m leaning back towards dresses and skirts lately, so this could very well be the last one :p. I had ordered these silver pants (from Elvi) a while ago, and then spotted the ”matching” glitter silver blazer a couple months later. NEED.

Together, they form a silver glittery suit kind of look, although I think it still looks fairly neutral, considering I’m wearing silver head to toe. I decided to pair it with a tight basic shirt to really give the suit the attention it needs, which is why my bellyroll occasionally pops in to say hello *waves*.


Shot by Silverpixs 
Pants and blazer – Elvi
shoes – Asos wide fit