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OOTD; bleached jeans and lace

When I first spotted these pants, I was hit with a sense of nostalgia. The only thing that was missing to bring me back to my 90’s childhood pants, were those clothing stickers you could sow or iron on. Perhaps it’s best to keep those stickers in the past though, and just keep the jeans, don’t you think?
I love the look of the jeans with the delicateness of the top. I’m also into white lately, I think I’ll wear it a lot this summer! White is the new black :).
Oh, and I’m looking for a matte (so no glossy stuff!) bright light pink lipstick, anyone got any tips on where to find a really good one? At the moment I’m wearing my raspberry pink lipstick, but a neon-pinky shade would also be totally gorgeous.
pants secondhand (size 16) – top Forever21 (size XL) – blazer Primark (size 16) – shoes new look

OOTD; matrix time

Channeling my inner matrix today with a long leather coat and a black look head to toe.
But let’s talk about this top first! I scored it in my favorite vintage shop, Think Twice, during their sale. I just fell in love with the lace sleeves. The tag says it’s from a petite line, which makes no sense whatsoever, but who cares. I like it and it fits and that’s all that matters :).
The coat is from the same sale :). Where else can you find a leather coat for 4 euros? I’m so happy with it, it’s such a classic cut but then gets spiced up a bit by the leather.

The sleeves are, as usual, too short. So I tuck them up a bit: I wear most long-sleeved things like that actually. Thank you, gorilla arms :D. I can button it to a close if I want, and if I don’t breathe too much… but I always wear coats open anyway so that’s okay!

The skinny jeans are also too short :D. This is turning into a “too short” OOTD haha. I don’t really mind, cause it’s getting warmer and pants that show your ankles are actually sort of in fashion at the moment, so it’s all good. A great tip in life actually: when you mess up or something isn’t right, just pretend that’s totally how you meant it :D.
coat vintage – top vintage – pants Gina Tricot (size XL) – shoes New Look