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Vintage OOTD; tropical dress

This dress is a perfect example of the fact that fashion is cyclical, and that all trends will eventually find their way back to us (let’s face it: if it can happen for the scrunchy, it can happen for everything). Tropical prints are hot and happening at the moment… but I just thought the colors were pretty (yes, I have a very child-like respons to clothing).
It has buttons all the way down, and I like leaving the bottom one open so that there’s a hint of leg going on every now and then. The earrings (which you can barely see in the pictures. oops.) are cheap plastic clip-ons, but they look like the real deal! Exactly how I like my jewellery.
There are a bunch of rules about wearing prints when you’re fuller, and half of them contradict eachother… so I try and stick to just one rule: if you like it, wear it. Simple as that!
dress Vintage (size 12) –  earrings secondhand – shoes New Look
Vintage shopping tip: be creative with fitting
Probably the best skill a (plussize) shopper can have, is being creative with the fit of a garmet. For instance: a baggy blazer in a small size might be a fitted jacket for you, a skirt worn at the hips could fit your perfectly at the waist, a tunic dress from the petite section might be a gorgeous top. Once you understand the different ways one garmet might fit 5 different bodytypes and sizes, the possibilities really are endless. An example with my dress: worn unbottuned, it could be a pretty coverup vest to wear over a bikini or bathingsuit, and worn that way it could fit for women several sizes bigger than me.

Vintage OOTD; purple sparkles & patterns

Yeey, vintageweek is here! First look of the week is all about color, sparkles and patterns :). Don’t forget to check out the vintage shopping tip of the day at the bottom.



Ilove purple and I love sparkly stuff, so this top is really a win-win on all fronts. I truly believe the world would be a much nicer place if we all wore a bit more sparkle from time to time. The skirt is actually a wrap-skirt. I honestly think that wrap-skirts are utterly brilliant. I don’t know why we don’t see them more often! They suit variety of sizes, plus you can adjust them if you want it a bit more fitted or loose (for instance, when you’re going out for sushi :p). Superpractical and super woman-friendly.
The colorpalette of the skirt is so pretty, with the vibrant purple and different shades of blue with some gold intertwined. Whenever I wear this, it immediately lifts my mood! I paired it with a dash of pink lipstick and some supercomfy ballerina-shoes. With my height, you just can’t go through life without a decent collection of flats (okay, maybe you can. Maybe I just like buying shoes). There are probably a bunch of people out there who could turn this into something ubermegafabulous, but I like to keep things simple :).
wrapskirt Vintage (size M) – top vintage (size 12) – shoes Nero Giardini
Vintage shopping tip: Stay true to your own style
It’s an easy mistake to make, especially when you have a bigger size: “oh it fits! I’ll buy it!”, without thinking about “is it my style?”. I can tell you from personal experience this behavior tends to worsen when shopping vintage. Because finding something that fits you might take some time, so you tend to get a bit excited when you do spot an item. And then you just end up with a bunch of clothing you never wear. I made this mistake a lot in the past with bohemian dresses: superpretty, long, flowy, embroidered, frilly dresses. Gorgeous on someone else, but totally not my style. And that’s a pity, cause it’s a waste of closet space and it might have been the perfect dress for someone else, who will now never be able to enjoy it (yes, sometimes I like to think clothes are waiting around for their soulmate to find them!). So just ask yourself every once in a while: it fits, but is it my style?