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OOTD – easy peasy lemon squeezy

Als het aankomt op prints ben ik echt een love-it-or-hate-it kind of girl. Of ik word verliefd, of ik blijf er ver van weg, en er is geen middenweg. Je kan me dan ook vaak vinden in een effen outfit, maar voor dingen als streepjes, polkadots, bloemen en tijgerprints maak ik graag een uitzondering. Mogen ook op die lijst: citroenprintjes! Ik weet niet wat er zo magisch is aan een citroenprint, maar elke keer ik er eentje zie, waan ik mezelf al in Toscane (of, you know, waar citroenen dan ook gekweekt worden) als een of andere Italiaanse schone.

Er zijn zo van die outfits die niet veel woorden, nodig hebben, omdat ze wel redelijk voor zichzelf spreken. Ik denk dat deze foto’s en m’n smile wel vertellen hoe awesome deze look is. You like? let me know!

top – Forever21 – je vindt ‘m hier
rok – Asos Tall (uitverkocht)
schoenen – Nike
foto’s door Silverpixs



OOTD – (plussize) suit up!

The last time I wore a suit was over a decade ago, when I had my final exams in highschool and we were all supposed to dress ”smart”. It felt like a costume back then, like I was wearing someone else’s clothes for a life that wasn’t mine (which actually isn’t that far from the truth, since I had borrowed one of my mom’s suits she wore to work). When I look at my life then and now, it feels like not much has changed. I thought I would own a home by now, be married, have kids. I thought I would have it all figured out, but the reality is completely different. No house, no husband, no kids and I mostly go through life just winging it. Hell, I still have days when I sit in my unicorn pyamas all day, watch cartoons, and eat cereal for dinner. To be honest, most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m very good at this whole adulting thingy.

And yet, when I put on this suit now, it didn’t feel like I was wearing someone else’s skin. I felt beautiful and empowered. I felt like me. Which made me think that it’s silly not to feel like a succesful adult. Sure, I didn’t accomplish the things I thought I would have accomplished by now, but there are lots of other things I did that I never saw coming. I have a job I love, great friends, a wonderful relationship. I have this blog, and you guys. And I have myself, in a body I love and respect, which is a big difference from the selfhate and doubt I had a decade ago.

So I’m going to go ahead and say it: this suit from Belloya has superpowers, because in putting it on I realized I’m actually a pretty badass person and there’s no need to worry. How many of your clothes do that for you? Just saying. Not only does it make me feel amazing, but it looks amazing too. I just love how much structure and shape the blazer has, how well cut the trousers are and how comfortable it feels. The little leather details give it a bit of an edge. I rolled up the pants because I’m really digging the cropped look these days, and added a heel to sass it up a bit – although I’m convinced this would also look great with a white sneaker. Finding good tailoring in plussize is soooo hard, but this fit me perfectly (told ya, this suit is like a rare magical unicorn or something). The white lace blouse offers the contrast I love in my personal style and adds a touch of femininity.

Like The Little Black Dress, The Suit is just one of those eternally classic musthave wardrobe pieces that you can wear and style in so many ways. Finding good tailoring in plussize is really tricky though, and it took me a long time to find a suit that I liked. This one is from Belloya, and you can really tell they put a lot of thought into the fit and quality of these pieces, cause they fit like a glove. An outfit I’ll wear and love for many years!


Blazer and pants – courtesy of Belloya. All opinions are my own.
Blouse – H&M (old)
earrings – H&M
Heels – New Look wide fit

Photography by Silverpixs