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the “thighbrow” is here and I’ve never been more confused in my life

Ladies, meet the thighbrow.


ah, I had to google it too. In case you’re wondering what exactly you’re looking for: it’s that fold you get when sitting down, where your upper leg and belly meet in a glorious crease. It’s the next big bodycraze everyone is striving for (you know, after the thighgap, the bikinibridge, the hotdoglegs and the bellybuttonchallenge)…and I’ve never been more confused in my life.

Because I’m trying to figure out if it is humanly possible for a body to sit down and NOT have this fold. Whether you’re a size 0 or supersize, don’t all our bodies do this? Is it physically possible for a body not to have this fold while sitting down?

I was under the assumption that body-crazes were supposed to be this ridiculous unattainable completely unrealistic beautystandard. Not a perfectly normal reflection of basic human anatomy.


Thighbrowing it on instagram

So, how does one achieve this magical fold?

Step 1: Wear something highwaisted that shows off parts of your hips that have never seen the sun before (please dear lord do NOT let highwaisted swimsuits become a trend, me and my wobbly bits do NOT approve)

step 2: Sit down. Congratulations, you now have a thighbrow.

I’m so glad I tried this out, because now I can go back to my old life and not give any fucks about this kind of stuff. Seriously, who comes up with these things…

What do you think of this new bodytrend?

Real men like curves (oh no you didn’t)

I spent my evening talking to women who posted quotes like this one.


Oh no you didn’t.

I get that fuller women should be uplifted and feel good about themselves and honey, I’m all for it. Go strut your stuff and be fabulous and love every inch of yourself… But do not trash other women in the process.

Other than the fact that this issue, to me, is about having a basic level of respect for another human being by having the courtesy to not insult them (I know, shocking theory right?), this also affects me personally. I have 3 beautiful sisters who are slimmer than me. I have a mom who is slim, and who was bullied as a teenager for her size and shape. I have friends in all shapes and sizes, including women who are very thin. My brother is dating a wonderful girl who is slim. These women are beautiful and amazing and worthy, and to imply otherwise is wrong, no matter how you spin it.

Referring to thin women as “bones” is not okay. Women come in different shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful in our own way.
Referring to women as “meat” is not okay. We are so much more than just our bodies.
Referring to men as dogs is not okay. Real men date whoever the fuck they want and treat their partners with respect.

And we are all real people here. This isn’t just a funny phrase: you are talking about people I love.

I have been ridiculed and laughed at whenever I speak up about this against someone who posts something like this online. I’ve been called a “whining bitch” and that I “must not have a sense of humor”. I’ve been told to “lighten up” and “not take things so seriously” and that it’s “just a phrase” and that I’m just “interpreting it a certain way”. But honey, I don’t care about your justifications and I don’t even care if you “mean well”. If you can only lift yourself up by taking someone else down, you still have a lot of work to do. I truly hope you will get there one day, because whatever your shape or size: you are beautiful the way you are. You are better than this.

Let’s stick together on this.