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on plussize, and being healthy

Growing up, I was a chubby kid. I was also about a head taller than all the other girls (and most of the boys) in my class (some things never change :D) and always into sports. Yet somehow, for as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten comments from strangers and loved ones questioning my health cause I was overweight.
the only chubby kid in balletclass? been there, done that!

I am not going to go into detail of what has been said and done, and I am not going to explain how damaging is was growing up like that; this is not a pity party. I will however say this:
It makes absolutely no sense for you to look at me, and claim that I’m unhealthy. It makes absolutely no sense to look at anyone, and make assumptions about their health.
Here’s why:
Very rarely does it happen that you can tell something about a person’s general health just by looking at them. A lot of overweight women have to deal with random strangers saying they are unhealthy. Unless you are a doctor, you don’t know anything about their health. None. Now, I’m not delusional either. It is true that being overweight can certainly be unhealthy, when you actually are unhealthy. It’s really quite simple: being unhealthy makes you unhealthy. Being fat does not automatically mean you’re unhealthy. So please, stop judging people’s health by their appearance.
I find it incredibly sad that we live in a society where apparently, the only type of health that matters is physical health. How about emotional health? How about feeling good about yourself? Having the courage to pursue your dreams? Living life to the fullest, without holding youself back afraid of what others might think? Being able to say  “I love my body” and mean it? We put so much emphasis on being skinny and having the perfect body, but at the same time millions of girls and women around the world, regardless of size, hate their body. Hate. How is that healthy?  So please, next time, before saying something about health, take a moment to realize that physical health isn’t the whole story, and get to know someone before you judge them. You might be surprised.


dressing for your bodytype?

I showed my blog to someone close to me and got the comment that I should really wear longer skirts, because my legs are a bit too big to wear short clothing. I’m sure she meant well, but it bugged me. My outfits are about what I like, my own style, finding my own identity; not about what is most flattering. I happen to really like my legs and I personally think they look great, but even if they don’t…  so what? How does my choice to flaunt less-than-perfect parts of me affect you? Should I stop wearing short skirts just because my legs are big? Always cover my arms? Never wear an oversized top or an open back? Wear A-line, over-the-knee skirts for the rest of my life?

I’m sure you’ve all seen it a thousand times: fashion “rules” for flattering garments on different bodytypes.  I never really got that. I mean, does it come in handy sometimes to know which shapes flatter you and  which don’t? Sure! But staying inside that little box and constantly following the rules, how boring is that? I think it’s important to know the rules, but to also have the confidence to throw them overboard and wear whatever you feel like wearing.


I applaud girls with big arms who proudly go sleeveless. I admire girls with a tummy who rock a bodycon dress. Kudos to all the women out there with chubby legs who wear a short skirt with their head held high. Your confidence is inspiring to me, and I hope to carry on that inspiration to others some day. This blog is a celebration of personal style, of wearing whatever you feel like wearing even if it’s not “flattering” or “slimming”, of loving your body no matter your size or shape, and not being afraid to flaunt what others may want you to hide. Just remember: