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Online shopping haul – the good, the bad, the ugly.

As you may know, I shop the majority of my stuff online. I actually love shopping in store, feeling the materials, trying everything on, walking out with a bag full of stuff,… But plussize options in store are so limited that I find myself going online to look for the things I want.

I ordered a bunch of stuff for Black Friday, and was about to decide what to send back when I thought to myself that it might be fun to show you guys what I ordered! Take a look at my haul here, and help me decide what I should keep or return!

Plussize online shopping haul – Missguided, Boohoo, Asos

First up, this “lace” skirt from Missguided. Saw it on the model and thought it looked sooo pretty… You guys know I’m a sucker for lace (even when it’s crochet faux-lace like on this skirt, hah!).


I ordered it a size up from what I would normally wear, because I know that I would not wear that type of skirt very highwaisted, so I wanted it to feel comfy around the hips. So it hits me lower than it does on the model’s body, which I don’t mind. When I first tried it on I wasn’t sure, but the more I try it (anyone else try on their clothes like 12 times before deciding?) the more I liked it and even nog when I see it in the picture I think it looks pretty cute. Can see me wearing this with an oversized black sweater or something, to tone down the sexiness a bit… I think this one might be a keeper! Apologies for my face in this one guys.


crochet black skirt from Missguided – get it here! 

Next, a couple of pieces from Boohoo. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Boohoo; sometimes their stuff is exactly as I imagined, other times it turns out completely different.


I knew this red jumpsuit would be a bit of a gamble, because I’m a giant and that tends to cause issues in the crotch area. It’s quite a stretchy material, with a bit of structure to it, and I got it in the biggest size in hopes the extra size would provide a little bit of extra length as well… But nope. As you can see the top party is too short, which explains why there are so many lines. Very cameltoe-y. Too bad, cause the colour really is gorgeous and it’s supercomfi! If you’re a non-giant, feel free to give this one a go.


jumpsuit in crepe from Boohoo – check it out here

Boohoo – part 1! I’ve been drawn to pink clothing lately, so when I saw this metallic pink shift dress I couldn’t resist.


I was thinking it might be supercute and fun as a summer dress, with a flat sandal. My sister thought it could be cute in winter too, with black tights and ankle boots. Trying it on, I’m not sure… I looks like a pyama. It feels like a pyama too. It is boxy and shapeless and yet… I have to admit it makes me kinda happy to put it on. It’s so pink and shiny and happy and even though rationally, I know I should send it back, my heart kind of doesn’t want to. what do you think?


Metallic Boohoo dress) check it out (it also comes in gold!)

More Boohoo with this red off the shoulder dress!


The fabric is stretchy but structured and the dress has a bit of a high-low detail. I’m a sucker for off-the-shoulder looks so I had to give this one a try. Love how it fits, and definitely glamourous enough to wear to a date or a holiday party without feeling overdressed. And I can also wear it all year round, because I’m sure this would look lovely if I have to attend a summer wedding, for instance. I think I’m definitely keeping this one!


Boohooo off the shoulder red dress – find it here (it comes in black, grey and nude too)

Alright, moving on to one of my alltime favorite online shopping destinations: Asos. First up, this sparkly nude-ish romantic dress.


I knew this dress was a bit of a risk because of the waistline, but it looked so pretty and romantic and magical that I wanted to try it anyway.


Sorry guys, the face really was a no-go in this picture. Trust me :p. It looks kind of alright in the photo, but I don’t like the dress in real life. Because I’m tall, the waistline hits me a bit higher, almost like an empire dress… Which means that from the side, I look pregnant. And not in a cute foodbaby kind of way, but in a “7 months pregnant” kind of way. Really disappointed, because the tule and the embellishment are sooo pretty… But if you’re not 100% satisfied with your clothes I don’t think you should keep them.

It’s currently on sale and I would advice sizing down for this dress, 1 size smaller than you would usually wear… Find it here.

Next up, this red dress from Asos with lace panel detail.


This was a no-brainer. I knew when I ordered it it would fit right, hug me at the waist, hit me right above the knee,… this dress was going to be a winner, I could feel it. I was so happy that when I tried it on, it was exactly like I imagined it! Can not wait to wear this beauty once it gets a bit warmer again.


And while we’re discussing red dresses (I didn’t realize I had ordered so much red stuff until just now!), I also got this one from club L (sold at Asos).


I was looking for a dress to wear to holiday parties that was comfi but at the same time made a statement and would make me feel fabulous. I thought this one might be a good contender! The only thing I was worried about, was that the fabric would be a bit too flimsy and no amount of shapewear in the world could make it look good, but those fears were completely unnecessary because TADAA. I’m wearing horrible underpants underneath and no shapewear and there is hardly anything there. Magic. I love everything about it, from the plunging neckline to the kneelength and the colour.


The best part, ofcourse, is that it has a cape. A FRIGGIN CAPE. I think I want all my clothes to have capes from now on. I’ll be spending Christmas dressed as a superhero, thanks. Cape demonstration:


Club L dress via Asos (it also comes in black!), find it here

And last but definitely not least, these pink pyama’s with unicornprint.


I don’t sleep in PJ’s, but I think they’re great for lounging and relaxing. I love quirky ones, and Asos has so many awesome pyama options with great and funny prints! I already had a pink one with dinosaurs on it wearing partyhats (yes it’s as awesome as it sounds) so when I saw this one I just had to have it. It fits like a dream and it makes me so happy everytime I see it and/or put it on… I’ve already worn it so much I’m regretting not getting a second one.


Check out all their plussize pyama options here

So there you have it! Which ones did you like? What do you think I should definitely keep? Would you guys like to see more of my online shopping adventures in the future? Let me know babes!

Musthave – wide fit ankle boots

I have difficult feet. They are far from tiny and elegant, and they are quite wide too. Like flippers. But that’s all good, cause I’m an excellent swimmer, and my shoe addiciction is ridiculous enough as it is at the moment… If I had normalsized feet, I would probably have 600 shoes and live in a box on the street. I know shopping for shoes can be a bit of a bitch when you’re plussize, so let me point you in the right direction! These are all from Asos, but no worries if you’re not used to shopping with them, I buy stuff from them at lmeast twice a month and I’ll explain at the bottom of the post why you might want to give it a go. Here are 5 wide fit ankle boots I’m currently digging. A LOT.

Velvet is supermegahot right now. I’m keeping my velvet addiction on the low, I only have 4 dresses so far, but I might expand my little velvet mania with this velvet ankle booties. A perfect alternative to regular black ankle boots, to give an easy but fun touch to basic outfits… or to go all out with a partydress ofcourse! Shop them here, they go up to a size 9 (that’s a wide fit size 42 for you EU babes… although, as I will explain below, they fit like a 43)


black velvet ankle boots  €37,32


Continuing my suede journey, how completely amazeballs are these suedette sockboots with plexi heels?The great thing about this model is that the stretchy material makes it perfect for all types of ankles, so even if you have heavier ankles, these will still fit like a dream and not cut into your flesh (been there done that). Find them here.


suedette sockboots with clear heels €39,99


Speaking of statement ankle boots, how fun are these silver glitter ones? Imagine how beautiful the world would be if we all wore glittershoes every now and then. So make the world a better place, and buy these beauties here.


silver glitter ankle boots €39,99


I can’t make it through winter (you know… from a fashion point of view…) without flat ankle boots. These ones are so incredibly cute, I love this shiny detail at the toes and the zipper on top. I bet this pair looks cute with both skirts and pants, so high five for versatility! Shop these cuties here.


wide fit pointed ankle boots €40


Oh, and if these ones weren’t perfect enough already… They also come in silver, hah! With prices like that, you don’t have to chose… just get both :p.


wide fit silver pointed ankle boots €40


How to shop shoes online at Asos

I know a lot of women who prefer to try things on in store before buying them. Believe it or not, I am the same way! I love touching the material and feeling how something fits. However, if I limit myself to what I find in store, with my size and shape, I either have to settle for safe and boring options, or I have to drive a long way to go to a specialist shop that probably also only carries boring and safe stuff (except more of it). So not being able to try something on is a price I am willing to pay, because when I shop online I have sooo many options in soooo many different styles…

Shopping shoes online can be a bit scary at first, but one of the reasons why I love Asos is because they make it so easy. Delivery is free and relatively quick, returns are free and also relatively quick. You can see the products from different angles, and they even have a little video so you can see it even better. They have a lot reasonably priced items, so if you’re in doubt just order 2 different sizes and send the other one back when you’ve decided.

The shoes listed above go up to a size 9 (as do a lot of shoes at Asos). That is a EU42 (a size that is already difficult to find in most stores). They fit true to size or even a little bit on the bigger side, especially in wide fit. So even if you are a EU43, go ahead and try it :).

Happy shopping girls!