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Fashion Favorites – plussize black swimsuits

I used to eyeroll at people who said shopping was their hobby, but now I spend several hours a week online browsing through fashion stores that I really can’t eyeroll anymore. I’m one of those people. Guilty as charged.

I discover new pretty, fun things I need want on a daily basis, so I thought I’d share a couple of my recent finds with you. Might turn this into a weekly thing, if you’d like. Let me know!

Okay so, black swimsuits. I’ve started my annual hunt for cute swimwear about a month ago. I love black, not because it’s “slimming” (haha girl seriously, have we met?) but because it’s the colour of my soul (dramatic pause). Anyway, here are some of my favorites!

  1. Lace plunge suit – 50

Starting off with my current absolute favorite (my hands are itching to buy this one… should I? Anyway, moving on). It has lace and mesh detailing on the sides and a STUNNING back. For ladies with a large heavy cup this may not be ideal, but not all curvy chicks have giant boobies so ladies, this one’s for you. Get it here.

lace plunge suit

Did I mention the back is GORGEOUS? Check it out here.

lace plunge suit

2. Tankini peplum top – €73

My love for peplums is well-documented. This tankini peplum top is hella cute! Get it here.

tankini peplum top

3. Mesh insert supportive suit – €34

Okay, confession: I already bought this one. It’s basic but sexy, in a minimalist kind of way. I recommend sizing up one size: the boob department got a bit squished because the fabric is so thick and supportive (which is a good thing). Have a look at it here.

mesh supportive suit

4. Ruched plunge halter suit – €46

The perfect suit if you’re not ready to flaunt those wobbly bits proudly yet (that’s okay darling, confidence is a journey. It took me a while to get confident in swimwear too, take your time!). The halter has thick straps so it doesn’t cut into your neck like a lot of haltertops tend to do. It looks so comfi! Check it out here.

ruched halter suit

5. Plunge swim dress – €50

To be honest I’m not a fan of swim dresses as a replacement for bathing suits, but if it’s your thing then go for it. As far as swimdresses go, this is a hot one! I would wear this as a beach dress, over a (supertiny, lol) bikini. It’s practical because the material dries quicker than regular fabric of regular beach coverups! Have a look here.

swim dress

6. Miracle suit – €46

I’m always a sucker for ruching. Shame I already have several suits like this one (I have no shame.) otherwise I’d be buying this so hard. Get it here.

miracle suit

Which one do you like? And…should I get the first one :p?




Meet Fox Factor, an awesome new jeans label


Exciting news in curvy fashionland, because there’s a new jeanslabel in town! Fox Factor is a high-end jeanslabel with 6 badass, curveloving jeans (2 skinnies, 2 straights and 2 loose fit) in sizes 40/42 to 50/52. And when I say “curveloving”, I mean that literally, because these jeans were designed to fit like a glove. I’ll be doing a full review on this label later, and I’ll explain why the fit is so mega amazeballs, but for now I just wanted to share a bit of the lookbook already.

The style is a bit sexy with a lot of attitude, jeans with cool washing and statement rips. Basically exactly the type of jeans I’ve been seeing everywhere in straightsize, but that are so hard to find in plussize (in a quality that doesn’t make me want to cry). I am 100% in love with this style! You can wear it really sexy and feminine or really laidback and cool, whatever tickles your fancy. I’ll be doing an outfitpost on these as well, because even though it’s “statement jeans” they are definitely super versatile… but that’s for later. Today is just lookbooktime :).

Anyway, here’s the Fox Factor lookbook. Let me know what you think! Aren’t they fab?

fox factor plussize jeans

fox factor plussize jeans

fox factor plussize jeans

fox factor plussize jeans

fox factor plussize jeans

fox factor plussize jeans

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