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Boohoo curve shopping haul & review

It’s time for another episode of “Marianne shops stuff online – The good, the bad and the ugly”. This time, I went on a little shopping splurge on Boohoo curve. Boohoo has a curve line with loads of stuff (Options! Give me options!). Their style tends to be a bit more on the sexy and glamourous side, think lots of skintight dresses and bodysuits, as well as lots of cool, laidback options (jeans and shirts) so there’s something there for everyone.

For general remarks on sizing and fit, check the summary at the bottom.

Alright, let’s have a look at what I ordered!

  1. Black sweater 20 (on sale for 17)

black jumper ruffle sleeve

It’s not very clear from the picture, but it’s a black jumper with a ruffle detail on the arm. I’ve been obsessed with ruffles lately, so I had to snatch this one up. I wanted a bit of an oversized look so I ordered the biggest size, a UK24.


As you can see, it doesn’t fit oversized at all :D. I could easily go up 2 sizes bigger if I want to have that oversized look, the way it looks on the model… Even though it doesn’t fit like it’s “supposed” to, I quite like it as a tight fitting sweater as well. You can find it here.

Oh and crap, I should really take the dust off my mirror eh?

2. Oversized white shirt with ruffles €19 (on sale for 16)

white ruffle shirt

Continuing on my ruffle quest with this white oversized shirt with ruffles. It looked really oversized on the model so I figured I didn’t need the biggest size, and went with a UK22 (EU50). It also comes in grey and black (I only got the white one, but I’m loving both the grey and black one too…)

white ruffle shirt

It fits exactly the way I wanted it to: slouchy and oversized (although still not as oversized as on the model, the sleeves are much shorter on me!). I can wear this right now with jeans or a pencil skirt, but I also look forward to wearing it in the summer with some ripped shorts. Cute much! Get it here.

3. Pink bikini with watermelon print 27 (on sale for €23)

pink watermelon bikini boohoo

Then there was this pink watermelon bikini with white zippers. I saw it and was like “OMG THAT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER!”. A big disadvantage of ordering swimwear at Boohoo is that most bikini’s come as a set. So you buy it as a whole, not the top and pants seperately. For girls who need different sizes on top and at the bottom, that is frustrating. I figured I would buy it for the top and just wear it with white or black bottoms, so I ordered a size UK20 (EU48), thinking the bottoms would probably be a bit too small…

pink watermelon bikini

But it fits quite perfectly! Surprise of the day! A lot of girls have asked me about the support of this bikini, so here it goes:

  • my boobs (although I’m a full D) are not that heavy, so talking about support is difficult for me. For my boobs, this gives enough support.
  • I would have probably gotten more support if I sized down one size on the top, but then the bottoms wouldn’t fit… The top is definitely a bit roomy now, but again, for my boobs, I don’t mind.
  • The fabric is firm and stretchy, and the design of the top is a bit like a sport top: wide back band and small crisscross straps.
  • I don’t think you should expect massive support from this one but honestly, for that price, I would be surprised if it was super supportive.
  • I fell in love with the prints, which is SUPERCUTE. More expensive brands will certainly give more support, but their designs also tend to be a bit more on the safer side. I like my simwear with a twist, with cutouts and mesh and other cool design stuff, with fun colours and prints,… and if I want that design, I am okay with settling for a bit less support. That’s just me though, you do you.

You can check out the bikini here.

4. White V-neck bodysuit with thong €14 (on sale for €12)

white v neck bodysuit white thong

Up next: bodysuits. It took me a while to warm my heart for them, but now that I’m convinced there’s just no turning back. They’re super handy to wear under jeans and skirts to get that “tucked in look” of a shirt but without constantly having to actually tuck in your shirt. Yes please. The first one has a low V-neck and I got it in a UK24 (EU 52) as well because I figured “if I get it in a size big enough, then it will definitely be long enough”. Ehm, yes, it certainly was.

white bodysuit V neck

Way too big! The top part is doable, but it has a thong at the bottom and I’ve discovered that nothing fits more awkwardly than a thong that is way too big. You can’t really see it in the picture (because in order for you guys to see it I would have to flash my nekked butt), but there’s a LOT of excess fabric going on. Come to think of it, a lot of Boohoo’s onepieces tend to fit my tall frame… I have 2 swimsuits from them and they are also long enough, so maybe I shoulnd’t have sized up at all. This probably would have fitted better in a UK20… lesson learned! Check it out here.

5. White bodysuit with lace up detail 20 (on sale for €17)

white lace up bodysuit

The second bodysuit has a lace up detail, another look I’m currently digging a lot. I ordered this in a UK22 (EU50)and again, a UK20 (EU48) definitely would have been better. This one is also definitely long enough (guys, keep in mind I’m 1m85! I usually have to watch out for cameltoes with basically everything I wear, do you know how I rare it is to not have this issue :D?).


Even though it’s a little bit too big, it doesn’t bother me as much as with the other one because this one has a regular bottom instead of a thong. I can definitely see me rocking this one with some mom jeans!

6. White minidress with overlap detail 24 (on sale for €20)

white mini dress

I’m really into white dresses for summer and I loved this little white mini dress! I got it in the biggest size, UK24 (EU52) thinking “this way it will definitely fit loosely around my hips and it will probably be a bit too big around my waist but that’s okay because I will do some altering on it“. So I fully expected this to be too big, but I was planning on taking it in on the waist to give it a nice shape. It has a firm (so non-seethrough) stretchy fabric with a little pattern on it.

white minidress

Ehm, yeah. No. Nono. Not only does it fit quite small (look how tight it fits around my body…) but it’s also supershort. Like, ridicously short. Like I should be walking streetcorners. I don’t mind short, really, but this thing is in serious danger of flashing everyone my underpants with every step I take, and that is where I draw the line! If it would have been a loose fit, I *might* be okay with the length, to wear during summer with a flat sandal or something, but this way it’s just not acceptable. Too bad, I really wanted this one! I still think it’s a SUPERcute dress though, so if anyone else wants to try it you can find it here.


Here are some general remarks if you’re interested in shopping at Boohoo curve. First of all, this is their sizeguide:

boohoo size guide

If I follow their sizeguide strictly, I need a UK24 on both the top and the bottom (my waist is smaller, but I tend to look mostly at hip and bust because a waist is easier to adjust to fit). According to their sizeguide, I think Boohoo runs small, since I’m usually a UK20 in a lot of brands. I don’t think their fit is always consistent with their sizeguide though. I order 3 items in a UK24 but 2 of thise were way too big. I also order one item in a UK20 (the bikini) and that fit perfectly. Yeah, complicated, I know… I think you just really need to look at the fit of the item and how much stretch it has. Tops usually run bigger, bottoms usually run a bit smaller.

  • Bodysuits and swimsuits generally tend to have long torso’s. Skirts and dresses tend to be short.
  • Price quality is good. I don’t think you can expect the world’s best quality when you pay so little, but I have items from Boohoo that I’ve been wearing for years and that are still cute. I’d compare it to H&M quality: sometimes you end up with something shitty, but often it’s definitely okay for what you paid.
  • There seem to be several disadvantages about shopping with Boohoo, true. But I find things there that I can’t find anywhere, so for me it’s worth the risk. Ordering shirts from them is pretty much 100% safe though, and if you’re into statement t-shirts this will definitely be the store for you.

Have a look at the entire curve collection by clicking here.






Fox Factor jeans review – skinny jeans

Recognize this problem?


Same girl, same. You, me and hundreds of thousands of women around the world have this problem when trying on jeans: you need to buy a certain size to make it fit over your thighs, hips, and butt, but then you’re left with a gap on your back. It’s annoying and, if you’re bottomheavy, almost unavoidable. You just live with the fact that this will be our jeansdestiny FOREVAH.

Other common problems for bottomheavy girl are:

  • the waistband stretches out quicker than the rest of the fabric because you’re constantly pulling up your jeans.
  • the fabric between your thighs wears out or rips because of the friction between your legs.
  • the back of the jeans are not high enough to actually cover your butt.

It is for this reason that Fox Factor, the brand new plussize jeans label I talked about earlier, was brought into life. Because this is not a size issue: it’s a fit issue. You don’t solve it by simply making plussize jeans, you solve it with plussize jeans that factor in your curves from the start. Whether you have a big difference between your waist and hips or a smaller one: thousands of women have this problem.

Read more: Meet Fox Factor, an awesome new jeans label

Fox Factor developed 6 jeans in sizes 10 to 20 (EU 40/42 to 50/50): 2 skinny jeans (Chicago & Austin), 2 straight jeans (Miami & Denver) and 2 loose girlfriend jeans (Naples & Los Angeles). All jeans have rips in them, some more than others, which I LOVE, since a lot of plussize labels only have basic jeans and the ones that have rips are often not a great quality. Anyway, back to the fit. I’ll be reviewing the skinny jeans Chicago and Austin. Chicago is dark grey and Austin is light grey. Screen shot 2017-02-05 at 11.39.56

The jeans are currently only for sale online, and I know shopping online is difficult for a lot of people, so I’m going to make this review as clear as I can. If you have any questions, let me know.

Fox Factor sizing

First things first when checking out a brand online: check the sizeguide. This gives you an estimate of the size you need.

Fox Factor sizeguide

My hips are 133cm and my waist is 94cm. That means I need the 20W. In Belgium that means a size 52. I usually wear a size 48/50 in pants, so in general the sizing is on the smaller side. No problemo though, who cares what the size in the label says right? I got the 20W jeans and they were exactly like the sizeguide said: they fit like a glove. You notice on the sizeguide there is a bit of an overlap: that’s because the skinnies and the straight jeans have stretch in them. If you find yourself between sizes and like a fitted look, I would say size down. If you like a looser fit, size up.

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 10.44.55

Fox Factor jeans fit

The most important thing: there is no gap. None. That’s because the jeans were designed with curves in mind. From the front, I don’t look “curvy”. I’m actually quite straight up and down. But I have very big thighs and a butt that sticks out, which makes shopping for pants really difficult. I have never had this kind of fit in my life. It’s like magic. It’s weird to say this about your own body, but I seriously honestly think my butt looks AMAZEBALLS. I can not stop touching myself, they’re so uplifting for my butt as well as for my ego.

“Their slogan is “your curves are sexy. so are our jeans” but I honestly feel like they should change it to “these jeans will make your butt look like it should walk on the Victoria’s Secret runway, except a lot bigger and juicier” but maybe that’s a bit long for a slogan.”

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 10.45.53

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 10.46.36


The second most important thing: I don’t have to pull them up constantly. I’ve worn both jeans out for an entire day and usually, I have to stop every half hour or so to yank my jeans up but these stay put. They come very high at the back, so all the wobbly bits stay inside and secured. They have a higher waist at the front, although I wouldn’t call them highwaisted – they hit at the belly button.

Thirdly, they’re super supportive. Qualitywise, they’re like nothing I’ve ever bought. They’re stretchy but superfirm (nothing like jeggings). With stretchy jeans I usually have that they offer very little support for my belly, so it kind of jiggles inside the jeans which is a bit awkward (this sounds so weird, but I’m sure you all get what I mean right ladies?), but these jeans offer loads of support without cutting off my blood circulation.

All jeans are ripped, the skinnies have the most subtle rip. I think jeans like these only get better over time as you wear and wash them. All jeans have a 32 length. I have 36 legs, but slightly cropped skinny jeans are supertrendy right now so I kind of like the length on me. If you’re a shorty, these will fit your perfectly too (and if you’d like ‘m shorter, just roll the bottom hem to get that cropped look).

Fox Factor jeans price

The chicago (the darker one) is retailed at 135 and the Austin is retailed at 153. The other jeans have similar pricing. I’m not gonna lie: I know for a lot of people (including myself), that’s a lot of money. These jeans were gifted to me, and I don’t want to sit here and pretend otherwise. It’s easy to say you should buy something when you haven’t bought it yourself. Nonetheless, I can 100% understand the pricing, because you really do get value for money.

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 10.49.01

I’ve noticed in general that plussize women in general often find it difficult to spend money on themselves. In straightsize fashion, there are loads of jeans brands in this price category. G star, 7 for all mankind, Scotch and Soda, Replay, Diesel,… all have jeans priced similarly to Fox Factor (and even higher). Quality and design comes at a certain price, and this is it. Plus, they’re made in Europe, so you know that no child labour was envolved. If thin girls can spend 200 on a pair of jeans, why can’t we? You deserve to look and feel amazing honey. Check out the detailing too, like how the studs and buttons have “fox factor” written on it. Quality, baby.


And the bottom line is this. I’ve been buying jeans for 10 years. In those 10 years, I bought at least 20 pairs of jeans, priced between 25 and 75, and I have never found a pair of jeans that I was completely satisfied with. I’ve never found quality, good fit and trendy design in 1 jeans, it was always 2 out of 3 for me. So I settled for not-so-great jeans. Those 20 jeans for €50 cost me… €1000 over the years. ONE THOUSAND! . That’s a LOT of money to have spent on a product that has literally never fit me right don’t you think?

“Ever since I got the Fox Factor jeans, I have literally not worn any other pair. I mean, why would you pick the jeans that doesn’t quite fit in the morning when you have 2 pairs that fit perfectly?”

So are these jeans a bit of an investment? Absolutely. But they’re so, so worth it in the long run. I’ll be buying these when the next collection drops (apparantly, new designs are coming in the summer. Yay! I want a ripped white one please!) for sure.

Anything you don’t like?

Cause it can’t all be rainbows and unicorns. I wish they had even bigger sizes. I tried one of the girlfriend jeans but because they had no stretch in them I couldn’t get them on. I love the design though, so I’d love to be able to buy jeans like that. Their current sizing is more “inbetween” than “plussize”, and I know lots of girls with sizes similar to mine that would look KILLER in these jeans, so I want them to be able to wear it as well. Perhaps extend the sizing to a size 24W? And more designs would be awesome, but that’s coming so yay! Other than that, I have no complaints… they’re really just that good! I mean, JUST LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE.

Screen shot 2017-02-06 at 10.56.51

I hope this review was helpful, but if you have any qestions don’t hesitate to ask. Friend and fellow blogger Edith reviewed the straight jeans and one of the girlfriend jeans, make sure to check out her review here.

Check out the complete FOX FACTOR collection here.