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WIN – tickets to Glamour Health event with Ashley Graham

Glamour is hosting its third annual Health Event on the 18th of June and this year, and you can win tickets!

This year, there’s lots of bodypositivity envolved. I can barely hold my excitement, because bodypositive activist and uberbabe Ashley Graham is coming *lots of fangirl screaming*. She’ll give a workout with her personal trainer and do a booksigning of her new book, so you’ll be able to see and meet her in person. Who knows, maybe you’ll get close enough to catch some of her sweat drops #neverwashingmyselfagain (Just kidding. I think.)

Anyway, ofcourse there is more to this event than Ashley. This edition is called ‘the Music Edition”, so expect special acts from DJ’s accompanying some intense workouts. But there is also time to chill inbetween all the sweatiness, with appearances from Rens Kroes and Anna Nooshin, an oxygen bar, a photobooth, places to shop and lots of other cool stuff. Check out everything there is to know here.


And now for the good part: I get to make 10 people happy by giving away tickets to this event! Five times 2 tickets, actually, so you can take your fitgirl bestie with you. And all you have to do, is head over to my facebookpage by clicking here and leave a comment underneath this post:

  • tag the person you want to take with you (because remember, I’m giving away 2 tickets at a time!)
  • tell me in the comment why this person is so incredibly awesome

That’s it :). So what are you waiting for? Ready…Set…Go!

UKswimwear – plussize swimsuit review

Hi Folks! as you may have noticed from my facebookpage and instagram, I’m superhappy that summer is almost here because that means it’s swimsuitseason! Yes, that’s right, I’m a big girl who’s excited for swimsuitseason. Why is that? Well, because contrary to when I was growing up, there is TONS of cute swimwear available.

Aside from needing edgy swimwear to strut my stuff on the beach, I’m also Always on the lookout for good quality swimwear to wear to the pool. The kind of swimsuit that offers support and structure without restricting your movemens and without being afraid one of your boobs is gonna fall out Janet Jackson style. So when I was contacted by UKswimwear to test one of their pieces, I was like YASS GIVE IT TO ME.

They have loads of swimsuits available, also in bigger sizes. Since I already have plenty of crazylooking stuff, I wanted something that I could wear for a long time and that never really goes out of style, but that I could still feel beautiful in. I ended up chosing this classic swimsuit, the Sunflair Ivory Coast swimsuit. I decided to do a little review on fit and quality. Have a look!

Here’s what it looks like on the model:


And here’s what it looks like in a UK22. Keep in mind that, as in all my reviews, I don’t edit my body in any way. These wobblybits are 100% real and fabulous and I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and neither do you girl!



The fabric is very light yet offers enough support. To be honest, it feels a little bit like shapewear! I like the little detail of the stripes. The chest comes relatively high, which gives it plenty of boobsupport. I do feel like the torso is just a bit on the short side for me, but keep in mind i’m a giant. Swimsuit manufacturer, if you’re reading this: adjustable straps please!


It comes with a scooped back and is wide enough at the hips. it also doesn’t cut into my hips, a problem I have sometimes with swimwear. I also like how it doesn’t cut into my backfat skin on top.


So there you have it folks! Can’t wait to hit the pool in this one. What do you think?