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fashion week goes size diversity

As you may or may not know, there are fashion weeks going on all over the world. There are still some to look forward to, but so far it’s been a great couple of weeks for size diversity in fashion! I won’t call them plusmodels and I won’t call it a revolution, but still: in a world where rigid sample sizes dictate the shows, it’s nice to see that not-standardsized models are also walking these shows.
Because I understand that it can be difficult to see variation in size from looking at these models, and because I think it’s awesome how well diversity blends into the show, I’m posting them side by side with the standardsized models :). Diversity on the left, the standardsizes on the right.

I just love how you see different types of models, but at the same time they blend in so well together! That’s how it should be, in my opinion! Not screamin “hey look, we used a different bodytype”, but just showing that it is normal to see diversity in fashion, and that beauty and inspiration has no size.

Robyn Lawley for Jilanistudio


Ylonka and Iris  for Mattijs van Bergen (LOVE this collection by the way!)


Paula and Bo for Ratna Ho


Stephanie van den Bergh for Violeta by Mango. This show featured several other models for Violeta as well :). They didn’t do a seperate show, Violeta walked in the same show as the regular collection of Mango! 


It’s also a bit funny to me, because Violeta has gotten a lot of critique that it is to boring and to monochrome, but looking at the “regular” collection of Mango… it looks exactly the same! We wanted the same collection as Mango, and I think that we got it :). It’s just their style at the moment… maybe the next collection will be different?
And the good news doesn’t end there! IMG has sent out 5 of their plussize models to castings for New York fashion week. I keep my fingers crossed that these fab 5 will have a chance to walk for the mainstream designers!

Robyn Lawley for GQ Australia

Topmodel Robyn in this month’s GQ Australia! I love these pictures, very simple and naturel but at the same time so powerful and sexy!



I love GQ’s opening line: “Label Robyn Lawley a plus-size model if you want. Or, why not go with our preferred adjective – hot. Introducing the local beauty making a big impression on the international fashion scene.”. Awesome! It’s not about size at all, she is a hot woman no matter how you want to label her!

In the interview, she talks about her size but also about her height! She says: “At 6ft 2, I like to make men sweat a little when I meet them”. I love that so much haha, cause we are the same height, and I can totally understand :D.
She also talks about starting out as a straightsize model years ago, but then switching to plus: The recent spotlight comes despite starting out in the industry nine years ago. It was a different time and Lawley was in a very different headspace – compelled to comply with scrawny model stereotypes by starving herself. 
It lasted six months – before moving to France. “That was game over,” she says, again laughing, “there was just way too much bread and cheese.”