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Curves on the carpet; Emmy’s 2014

Lots of curvy ladies walking the red carpet at the Emmy’s, so here’s a little overview! Who wore what, who wore it best, and who should have just stayed home that night… Nah, just kidding. Kudo’s for these ladies, it must be hard to pick a dress and show yourself to an army of paparazzi, knowing the world will be scrutinizing your look. Wouldn’t want to be in their position!

Danielle Brooks and Reta in similar white lace looks. I think the left dress works in the way the right dress doesn’t: it has structure, sexappeal and good support (a good bra would have worked wonders on the right look). And kudo’s to the thighhigh split!
Gabourey Sidibe and Melissa McCarthy. Not a fan of Gabourey’s dress, although I do give her props to Always chosing such wonderful vibrant colors that compliment her skintone. I really like Melissa’s dress, but people are also saying it’s too “massive”. This is something I’d wear, and she sold it to me, so way to go Melissa (and a round of applause for Marchesa, who custome made this dress for her. It’s about time designers start lining up to work with her, I think)
Mindy Kaling (in Kenzo) and Lena Dunham(in Giambattista Valli couture). Two quirky looks. I kind of like Mindy’s, but it’s doesn’t stick with me either. Lena’s dress… I’m still trying to decide whether this was meant as a serious fashion attempt or not. I love her “I don’t care what people think of me” attitude, and this outfit does make me smile and it’s certainly memorable… but it’s not the best look on her. But, like I said, maybe it’s just meant to be fun and memorable and nothing more. Either way, I love both these women to bits, no judgement there!
Octavia Spencer in Tadashi and Christina Hendricks in Marchesa. A signature look for Octavia, she often wears this designer (I think that kind of loyalty really suits her. Clearly winning an oscar hasn’t gone to her head!). You’re either a fan of draping or you’re not. I am, and I think she looks lovely and classy in a dress that hugs her curves in all the right places. Christina’s look is too messy for me. If the fabric of the dress wasn’t so shiny and in a different color, and her hair so frumpy, this would have worked so much better for me. But man, it must be so hard to find a dress that fits her boobs!
Mayim Bialik and Dascha Polanco in similar silhouettes. Love the royal blue and her big smile (the best accessory there is), woud have loved to see just a little bit more sexappeal. Love Dascha’s dress too, but the bust area is a bit of a mess. A size up and better fit, and different hair and make up, and it would have been perfect.
Adrienne C Moore and Allison Tolman in glamourous looks. I’m not entirely convinced. With Adrienne, here’s something going on on top that is not completely working for me… but I do really appreciate that she took a risk, I’m loving the sparkles on the side and her smile is killer.
Which one is your favorite?

Mindy Kaling hits the Vogue closet

I love the awesomeness that is Mindy Kaling. And after watching this video, I guarantee that you will love her too. Vogue released this clip of Mindy stopping by the Vogue closet for a fitting. Her pretty-yet-mindnumbingly-boring ensemble for the fitting is not quite up her alley, and her (by the way: awesome) suggestions for the shoot are met with some skepticism.

Have a look!

Mindy, I love you. You make me want to be a better (read: funnier) person.