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What Vogue and Victoria’s Secret have in common

No, it’s not that they’re 2 household names in the industry (okay, maybe that too…). It’s that they both recently released images of beautiful models in lingerie.

VS released their “perfect body” campaign a couple of weeks ago, followed pretty much immediately by a worldwide backlash of consumers saying the ad was bodyshaming, because it implies that anyone who doesn’t look like a VS model is imperfect. The wave of critique on the campaign did have an impact, because a couple of days ago VS apparantly changed their tagline from “a perfect body” to “a perfect body for every body”, suggesting a more womanfriendly and inclusive approach.

But then there’s Vogue. Oh Vogue. How different and beautiful you are handling this! With images of models in various sizes, posing in their underwear, seemingly untouched (shot by Cass Bird). Raw, feminine and perfect in all their imperfection. How much I love you for doing this. And how much I love your tagline… “the best lingerie comes in all sizes”.

I’m a dreamer, and I love to see dreams come to life in fashion, but I’m also really not a fan of our cultural obsession with perfection. Which is a big reason why I prefer the Vogue pictures of the ones from VS; not only because of the diversity, but also because they are so wonderfully, beautifully, perfectly imperfect!

What do you think of the images? Would you like to see more size diversity in fashion, or do you think we should stick with perfection and uniformity? 

inspiration has no age

One of the things I live by is that inspiration and awesomeness have no size/age/race/… And  one of my favorite inspirations, 83 year old style icon Iris Apfel, proves that over and over again.

This time she teamed up with &other stories (H&M slightly higher prices little sister) to give her spin on some of the pieces of their A/W collection:

“We invited Iris Apfel, New York-based style icon, to interpret our AW/14 collection. With grandeur and wit she put a sumptuous spin on her favourite pieces, empowering women of all ages to embrace their own personal style. As Iris says; “You can get a variety of looks with these very versatile pieces by adding your own personal touch. It’s all very WOW! And that’s another story…”

She chose a dress and a coat, plus accessories, and I think these pictures are the bomb! Iris really managed to make them their own in her unique, quirky style. These pictures make me want to buy everything!



This is the dress and coat she chose… Don’t you think the pieces look even more beautiful in Iris’ pictures though?
What do you think; would you like to see more age diversity in fashion?