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inspiration comes in every shape

A while ago, I saw a comment in a facebookpage about plussize bloggers that went something along the lines of:

“You’re all so pretty… but you have amazing figures, and I have an apple shape so I really can’t relate to you”.

I have to admit, at first I got a little bit frustrated. Because as a fashionblogger showing your outfit, you make an effort to look good: you wear the right outfit, you use shapewear, you strike a flattering pose… All little tricks that create the illusion of looking better than you may seem in person, just getting out of bed (no, I certainly don’t wake up like this). Plus, women tend to feel worse about their size and shape than it actually is, creating an even bigger gap between how she feels about her body and what she sees on the interwebz. And it’s frustrating to make this effort to want to inspire women, only to be told they can’t relate to you.

But then I thought to myself: why not turn this frustration into something positive? Not everyone has the ability (yet) to look at any size or shape and take inspiration from it. Perhaps the “I wish I could relate to someone with my shape” argument is valid, in a way. So I listed a couple of my favorite stylish plussize bloggers, who have very different shapes.

Please keep in mind that every body is different, and personal style is – well, personal. The chances of you finding a blogger online who has the exact same body and style as you and is 100% pure inspiration are slim to none. Just try and see if you can find nice inspiration and handy tips from these gorgeous ladies –  I hope my list can help you relate!

Nicolette Mason
This appleshaped beauty has a very feminine style with a little bit of and edge and a little bit of a quirky side. She also has stunning pictures of her outfits and life, so her blog is definitely worth a read!

Jessica Dee
This appleshaped beauty blogs under her own name now, , but you can also find her on facebook with her page Too Many Sequins . Her style is very romantic and a bit bohemian. She is a newmom and newlywed, and her blog also has a couple of great pregnancy outfits.

Chastity Garner
Pear-shaped blogger at Garnerstyle, the curvy girl guide. She isn’t afraid to show off her shape and likes classic looks, but insn’t afraid to go full on glam or rockchick either. She likes breaking pretty much every rule there is regarding full thighs and legs, so if you’re looking for only “slimming” outfits,

Jay Miranda
She’s plussize, but not that supercurvy (it’s a cliché that all plussize women are very curvy!) but knows how to work it. Her style is classy and bold: she wears a lot of designer stuff and isn’t afraid to try statement outfits, but always with a feminine twist. Also, she has the most amazing shoe collection! She mostly blogs about fashion and being a mother. Find her blog at

blogs as  and shows us her style, which is a mixture of rock and roll, casual chique and girly but talks about (plussize) fashion in general as well!

Blogger of saksinthecity. Unfortunately, this awesome pearshaped blogger is no longer an active blogger (she has a tumblr page, but very little pictures of her there), but she kept her blog open so it’s still a great place to go and be inspired. And who knows, if she sees people still love her blog… she’ll pick it up again? Her style is minimalistic, comfortable and very understated fashion.

Do you still feel that your shape isn’t represented? Well, perhaps you could start a blog of your own, and be the change you want to see :).

Meet plussize label Yoek

One of the most recent developments happening for me as a blogger, is being invited to events. I’m sure you experienced bloggers out there see this as an average day routine, but to me it’s all so new and special!

I was invited by dutch plussize label Yoek for an italian lunch, to have a peek at their collection and to learn about the launch of a new label: Miss Y!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Yoek: they’re in the more expensive range of plussize, and use a lot of highquality materials. I often hear women say that they don’t have that kind of money to spend on a dress, and I can totally relate to that (hello student budget). That being said, I also believe in investing in yourself and in chosing a couple of really great standout pieces to build your wardrobe around, and Yoek can certainly deliver on that front.

Their style is more on the “lady” side and can sometimes it looks as if it’s made for an older woman,  but I personally feel that that is sometimes due to how they style the items on the website… If I look at the pieces on their own, there are certainly a lot of items I could wear too! (I’m assuming for a moment here I still fall within the “young women” category… please don’t burst my bubble!)

I especially like their black label collection, that features a lot of glamourous and very feminine items. Ever since I saw their collection, I’ve been secretly dreaming of doing an italian diva inspired photoshoot (the clothes would be so perfect for that, it’s all black sexy dresses and glitter details and lace haha). I’m not going to show my favorite just yet… because I had the opportunity to choose an item from their collection and ofcourse I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Keep an eye on the blog to see what  I picked.

They are also going to launch the younger and slightly more fashionforward sister of their collectio, called miss Y. I think they could have gone even more trendy and fashionforward, but either way there are several looks I like! Here are a couple of my favorites:

This is a campaign image…and I LOVE it. I think they should photograph the entire collection like this, lovely photography, simple but fashiony styling, gorgeous model… it just works! And I also think this really helps to portray a more fashionable image to consumers, by presenting it in a more fashionable way… Anyway, that’s just the marketeer talking :p.

 I’m also ridiculously obsessed with this silver metallic pencil skirt. I just love it when classic items have an unexpected twist to them!

Continuing on the metallic theme: I’m so drawn to these metallic pants :D. I’m not sure how I would wear them, but I just know that i’d be motivated to find a way haha. There are already so many labels who produce basic items for plussize women… it’s so fun to see more special pieces every now and then too! And even if it’s not completely your style, I think you should still support the idea of plussize labels trying to bring us something different from the basic boring stuff.

For Yoek’s summer collection of 2015, I immediately noticed this white chanel-like jacket with a little hint of military… Seems so perfect with a pair of distressed skinny jeans!

 Oddly enough, I’m also immediately drawn to this dress… I’m usually not a big fan of the overly baggy look, but there is something about the colour and the way it’s draped that just screams “garden teaparty” to me. I’d probably wear it with a tiny designer hat and an outrageous pair of shoes (or perhaps I just want an excuse to buy a hat and shoes :p).

 This one is also quite an unusual pick for me… ever since I saw Lorde’s videoclip of yellow flicker beat, in which she wears this oversized red pantsuit with a bit of an 80’s vibe, and a structured croptop underneath… I’m kind of obsessed with that whole look. So I’d go fullblown Lorde-inspired fashion all the way with this outfit, and replacing the matching blue top with a croptop. Also, I LOVE the shoes, where did you get those Yoek??

lorde, aka the ultimate oversized-pantsuit inspiration

Please note that these favorites and opinions are very personal, and not necessarily representative of the entire collection :). I encourage you to go check it out yourself and meet Yoek!

Do you know the label? What do you think of my picks from the collection? What would you pick from the collection? Have a look by clicking here!