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OOTD; jeans on jeans

Another quick outfitpost of what I’m wearing today!
I love the look of jeans on jeans. Stylewise, you can take it in many different directions. Some girls look amazing just wearing jeans on jeans, but I’m not one of them. So i’m wearing it with a crisp white blazer.
The blazer is menswear. Never realized I wore menswear so often until I started blogging haha! I find it quite hard to find blazers in my size that I like… I want them to be long, and tailored. A lot of plussize jackets are cropped and not very tailored, and a lot of regularsized blazers are not long enough for me (I want a blazer long enough to smooth over my lovehandles!). This one is perfect.
I didn’t feel like wearing heels so I’m wearing my comfi cut-out navy flats (I tend to wear ballerina’s and open shoes until the first snow arrives… maybe even past that!) and this adorable little white leather bag I found in a secondhandstore.
jeans Primark Tall (size 18) – shirt New Look (size 16) –  blazer H&M men – bag secondhand –
shoes don’t remember!

Elena Miro spring/summer 2014 runway show

Earlier today was the Elena Miro fashionshow. I say this with great respect, as I think that the Elena Miro shows are of such a high level that they can compete with the other labels showing during Milan fashionweek.
This time, they were showing their spring/summer collection for 2014 (that’s how it works in fashion, always thinking ahead!). I don’t think it was a “typical” show for them. They often go for classically beautiful, hourglass looks, ultrafeminine. But this show was more boxy silhouettes, a little bit sporty feel and some androgenous elements, more understated. Definitely different.
The collections shows some floral in bright, almost neon prints. We also see cleancut shorts, blousedresses, snakeprint (mixed with other prints), seethrough tops, round shoulders and short sleeves, assymetric skirts, colourblocking in muted colours, a lot of white and a decent amount of shine through silk and glossy leather fabrics.
To be honest, I wasn’t super excited when I first saw the collection (especially compared to how excited I was about their other collections), but after looking at them a couple more times it’s growing on me a bit more. There are some items that I like and would wear (though styled in a different way), but it’s not exactly my favorite collection. I’m also really curious to see what their actual collection will look like… Because this runwayshow is not what they sell. I know, crazy right? They have 2 runway shows a year, but not with the clothes they actually sell, and those usually look a lot different from what they use in the show. So we’ll see…
Here are the pictures from the runwayshow! What do you think of the collection?