OOTD – tropical wrapdress

I used to stay away from light colours because I was told they make you look fat. I know, silly right? Thank god I no longer believe in that little story, cause otherwise I would have completely missed out on this gorgeous white wrap dress with tropical leaf print from Belloya.

Belloya is known for its dresses and they have several wrap dresses in their collection. I think a wrap dress is such an iconic, classic piece that every woman should own. They are so versatile and very sizefriendly, because you can adjust them to your size and shape for a perfect fit. This one gets special bonuspoints because it’s made from a stretchy, natural material, which makes this sweaty girl very happy, hah!

I especially appreciate those little details that show a lot of thought went into a design. The wrap is extra wide and provides plenty of coverage and the “belt” is very long so you can comfortable wrap it around your body. It’s those little details that count! It also comes in a dark blue, but I just couldn’t resist it in white.┬áBring on those hot summer days, I’m ready!

Dress – courtesy of Belloya, all opinions are my own. Shop here
shoes – New Look wide fit
photography by Silverpixs