OOTD – tropical skirt & ruffles in the snow

I tend to shoot outfitpics a couple weeks ahead so I can shoot multiple outfits on the same day and work ahead. Usually that works great, but sometimes the weather is so unpredictable, which is why I found myself shooting spring looks on a particularly cold and snowy day in March. I had planned to do spring dresses, bare legs, cute sandals… But it was freezing and snowing so… Yeah. I decided to compromise and add some boots, which may look funny but HEAR ME OUT.

The majority of my clothes are worn all year round. The only seasonal item I have is a couple of really warm sweaters for winter and flimsy dresses for vacations. So you can totally picture this outfit with bare legs and cute sandals instead of the boots, and snow instead of sunshine, and TADAA spring look.

One of my new year’s resolutions when it comes to style is to wear more skirts, because they are so fun and feminine and easy to wear. The only thing is, they’re not that easy to find in plussize (don’t ask me why), so I was extra happy when I spotted this cute tropical skirt at Boohoo. It’s made from a thick scuba material and it has an elastic waistband, so it’s ubercomfi. I paired it with a red ruffle shirt for a pop of colour, and some statement earrings (wearing my jewellery more often was my second resolution, so I think I’m on a roll here).

I know people say that you’re not supposed to wear high neck tops cause they aren’t flattering and that ruffles on your chest make you look wide, but all I hear is ”blablabla wear whatever you want Marianne” which really is the best tip I can give you. Life is too short to care, honestly.

skirt, shirt and earrings – all Boohoo!
boots – Asos wide fit
photography by Silverpixs