OOTD – Marina Rinaldi x Ashley Graham

My mom never gets rid of clothes. Ever. She also has great taste. So one of my favorite childhood memories is looking through her giant collection of beautiful clothes and -secretly, cause she didn’t like it when I did this- try stuff on. Every now and then, I would come across a designer piece like a Balmain jacket or a Prada skirt, and those were the pieces I loved the most. Even now, 20 years later, those pieces have never lost their quality or appeal, and I hope one day she will pass them down to me and maybe I could pass them on to my children.

This is what I felt wearing this look from Marina Rinaldi. Like I was wearing something special, something high-end and designer. Something that would still be beautiful and amazing decades from now, because some things are just timeless. And if there are 2 things that are truly timeless, it’s a leather jacket, and denim. So imagine my sheer joy when I got to put on this jeans dress and leather jacket ;).

The look is from the Ashley Graham collection for Marina Rinaldi, and consists of killer denim items mixed with black looks, white pieces and some leather. The leather jacket has an INSANE fit (seriously, it’s like a second skin or something) and amazing quality, with gorgeous copper details. The dress is fitted yet comfortable, stretchy but holds its shape really well. I was concerned it wouldn’t fit me right around the stomach area (yeah, I have insecurities sometimes too :p) but it did magical things to my body and to the bodies of every woman I’ve seen in it. I’m telling you, it’s magic.

This whole experience has made me even more convinced that it’s worth it to invest in quality pieces that make you feel beautiful and special, and that you can cherish for a long time. And if I ever have a plussize daughter, I hope she’ll sneak into my closet and fall in love with this look too.

dress and leather jacket – courtesy of marina rinaldi. Shop the collection here
boots – asos
photography by Silverpixs