The fucked up side of social media

A couple of weeks ago, I deleted the instagram app from my phone and took some distance from my facebookpage. Both of them still exist but I wasn’t keeping up with them anymore. 

“Why? I mean, as a blogger, aren’t those channels important?”

Yes, they are! I believe in connecting with the people around me, and sharing what I have to say in an honest and open way. And for the most part, it’s been great. I’m definitely not the biggest blogger in the universe (#understatement), but I have made valuable connectoins with so many of you, and I enjoy listening to your stories and opinions.

But with social visibility and opening up on the interwebz, come a shitload of perverts and trolls. I’m used to hearing I’m ugly and unhealthy and that I’m promoting obesity. I’m used to dickpics and inappropriate sexual comments about my looks. None of that is okay, but I could handle it. And then, I leveled up. Peopole started telling me I should jump of a bridge. People said they hoped I would get a heartattack and die. I got messages saying I should go kill myself.

And to be honest, it frightened me. Not because I was contemplating killing myself, but because the ugly side of the internet hit really close to home all of a sudden. I found myself doubting every post, every pic… and there really is no point in being personal on social media if you’re afraid to post personal things.

So I took a break. Took a step back. Thought about it a lot. And at the end, decided I should just go ahead and get on with it. The reason why people hate this way is because they are hurting in a society that values thinness above everything else, and they are willing to break people for wanting to change that.

Good thing I’m fat then. Fat doesn’t break, it bounces.