Xandres Xline – 5 timeless classic looks

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to visit the Xandres Xline store and select an outfit. It’s always such a pleasure to be asked for these things, because I love to highlight plussize brands. For those of you who don’t know Xandres Xline: it’s a belgian brand (can I get a whoop whoop?), basically the curvy sister of Xandres. They go up to a size 56, you can shop online and in store (you know me, I love online shopping, but the store in Antwerp that I visited is truly gorgeous and definitely worth checking out!). They’re not about fastfashion or fast trends, they offer simple and classic elegance.

Falling in love with the classics

While I was checking out the goodies at the store, I noticed I was drawn to classic, basic pieces.  I tried lots of different items, fun colourful dresses, statement pants, bold knitwear,… But kept going back to those classics. What can I say? The heart want what it wants.

So instead of doing a regular outfitpost, I thought I’d show you guys my tips and tricks for building a capsule wardrobe that you can wear all year round, on different occasions, using just a couple of well selected classic items. I chose a satin-like tanktop, a black A-line stretch skirt, a faux-leather pencil skirt and a red leopard button-up cardigan. I think the trick for working with basics, is to pick basic items that have a little bit of a twist to them. So the tanktop has satin-like material, the cardigan has a fun print, the pencil skirt is leather,… This way, you end up with basics that are anything but boring. Okay, let’s have a look!

4 pieces – 5 looks

For the first look, I combined the satin tanktop (okay, so it’s actually Viscose, but it looks like satin so I’m going to call it satin okay :p) with the highwaisted black A-line skirt. Simple, timeless, elegant. The perfect outfit for a garden party or cocktailparty. Just add some heels and a bit of lipstick and you’re good to go.


The second look is officewear, just classy with just hint of business and most of all: comfortable. This is something I learned when I started working a couple of months ago: when I’m sitting down a lot, I don’t want to wear something tight around my stomach. Because the pencil skirt is faux-leather and stretchy, it’s supercomfi to wear, while still looking smart. The top gives it a bit of a chique touch and the cardigan covers my arms when necessary.


The third look combines the A-line skirt with the leopard cardigan, but I buttoned up the cardigan here so it looks like a top. A great outfit when you want to meet the inlaws. It’s simple enough to say ”Hey, I’m a nice girl’ but the red leopard adds a touch of personality that says ”hey, don’t let the classiness fool ya, I’m really fun and awesome!”.


Look number 4 is another great comfortable but fun look, to go out shopping with friends. I can’t tell you enough how comfi this skirt is! I opened up the cardigan at the bottom to emphasise my waist, and a couple of buttons on top because a little cleavage never killed nobody ;).


Last but not least: look number 5. This was the look I first fell in love with in the store and also the link that reasonates with me the most as far as personal style goes. I LOVE simple silhouettes like this one, I love mixing different fabrics, I love combining items within the same colour scheme. It’s so simple, but I love it. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice (faux-leather is a bith to photograph!) and I do prefer shapewear with this look, but I just feel so elegant and sexy in this look. For winter, I would add a little blazer or perhaps a long knitted vest, and ofcourse tights, but the foundations of this look, the skirt and the top, just screams ”take me out on a romantic candlelight dinner for 2 please”.


And that’s it you guys! 4 items, 5 looks. Which one is your favorite?


Looks are courtesy of Xandres Xline. All opinions are my own. Check out the collection here