OOTD – Blue velvet dress

I just love it when a certain trend appears and it suits you perfectly. I am anything but a trend-follower. I mean, I notice the trends, I have a look at them, and if I like them I go for it and if I don’t then meh, nevermind. The sucky thing about not liking certain trends, is that the shops are filled with them, so that means less shopping for me ;). So I’m really happy with the velvet trend because I’m so into it, which means lots of cute options! Yay!

When I spotted this blue velvet dress from Belloya, I just had to have it. Not only is it in a glorious velvet fabric (I’m basically hugging myself all day long, it’s sooo soft), but it’s also such an amazing deep-kobalt colour (hello, royal much?) and the fit is just spot on. Everything from the deep V-neck to the flowy skirt and the accent in the waist (you can tie it backwards so that it fits your waist perfectly) just screams femininity, and it’s a perfect silhouette on days where you feel like wearing something flattering.

It’s a bit on the shorter side on me, but remember I’m a giant so it should be kneelength for most people, and although Belloya tends to size a bit smaller I found this dress to be rather roomy. I’m wearing a size 5 here, a 4 would certainly also have been a good fit. Because I can tie the waist, it doesn’t bother me that it’s a bit too roomy, and besides I can always use the extra length :). Don’t stress about ordering it too small: the fabric is quite stretchy and comfortable, so it will definitely fit even if you size down.

The only bad thing about this dress? It also comes in a beautiful burgundy colour, so decidinng what colour to go for is pretty damn hard ;). Have a look at the dress here. 

Dress- courtesy of Belloya, all opinions are my own.