Nike plussize collection review

I have been dying to get my hands on some Nike plussize stuff ever since the news dropped that they have a plussize collection. The time has finally come! I had heard here and there that the sizing was a bit weird, so I ordered several items in several sizes, to see what sizing would be best. Check out my review of the Nike plussize collection!

Please note that this is a retouch-free post. You will see wrinkles and wobblybits and that’s fine. I chose not to put on makeup for this review because 1. it was a billion degrees and my face was melting anyway and 2. I tend not to wear makeup when I workout anyway, so why put on makeup just for a product review? This is what I look like when I hit the gym :).

Nike plussize collection review

  1. Nike performance legging


Finding decent leggings that are not see-through and have a good fit, is a total bitch. I know that Nike leggings really are supermega awesome from the time that I could still occasionally fit into the largest size of their regular collection. But those days are gone, so I was superhappy to see they had the same type of leggings in plussize. As far as leggings go, I really do believe Nike offers great quality and fit, and they are worth every cent.


This performance legging is highwaisted and it has a really thick, uberstretchy fabric that almost fits like shapewear. I do have a belly, but this sucks me in quite nicely. I like my leggings to feel ”compact”, so for me that’s definitely an advantage. I order a size 56/58 (I usually wear a 50/52 in regular clothing) and although I could physically put it on me, I DEFINITELY need a bigger size. Their sizing is super weird, I put a little recap at the bottom.

2. Nike logo top


I ordered this one to use as a workout top, but also because I think it would justlook supercute on a pair of black skinnies. It’s such a classic! I ordered this in size 56/58 and I think that’s the right size. I prefer a shorter length to work out in, but I know LOTS of plussize ladies prefer a longer top to workout in, so if you’re one of those people this will be perfect for you. I just put a little knot in the front (like in the picture with the legging) to give it more of a cropped look :). It’s a very light, breathable fabric by the way, supersoft and comfortable!

3. Mesh top


I’m a sucker for mesh, so I just had to order this mesh shirt. It also has the length I like. I tried this one in a smaller size, so I ordered the 52/54 (which is supposed to be pretty close to the size I wear in regular clothes in real life), but I think I would prefer it a size bigger so it has a little bit of a loose fit. At first glance, it looks supercool. How edgy are those mesh sleeves right?


But the mesh has a bit of a weird square cut-out, so you can flash part of your bra underneath. If you have cute workout bra’s, I guess this is fine, but mine aren’t cute so I don’t know how I feel about wearing a shirt that shows it off so much. You could also wear a tanktop underneath, but I already sweat like a sinner in church when I workout, adding extra layers definitely does not sound appealing to me.

4. Performance tight shorts


I hate the length of these shorts haha :p. But wanted to try them for size anyway! These are the biggest size, size 60/62 (keep in mind that I usually wear 50/52 in regular clothing!) and they fit right. They are made from a thick stretchy fabric and give a nice sense of support to the wobblybits, but they don’t have that ”shapwear” quality that the long leggings have.


Like I said, I don’t like this length personally. I do really like the little grid detail at the sides, and I think if you’re a runner and are looking for shorts to run in that won’t set your thighs on fire from chubrub, this is definitely a really good option to look into!

5. Performance loose shorts


Some of you might gasp and think ”wtf these are short” but I LOVE IT haha. These are some of the comfiest and most practical short shorts I have ever worn. And I have worn a lot of shorts, so that’s saying them. Here is why they’re briljant: they have 2 layers. One fitted layer and one loose layer on top of that. Both layers are very light and breathable and comfi and soft. So you have that feeling of support, but a looser look. LOVE.

These shorts are a size 56/58 and I think they’re okay. I could probably also go a size up for an even looser look, but the waistband is already quite loose as it is and I don’t know if going up a size would still give me a good fit at the waist. Depending on how big your thighs are (mine are really big), the top layer will open up more and you’ll see more of the layer underneath, which means this is a very versatile fit that suits all sorts of bodytypes. They come in several colours and I’m definitely buying every single one of them.


Nike sizing and fit information

The biggest question when ordering a brand you haven’t tried on before is Always: what size do I get? The Nike sizes are DEFINITELY not the same as regular clothing sizes. I wear a size 50/52 in regular clothing. In the Nike collection, I need the 60/62 for leggings and the 56/58 for tops.  Most of it is really stretchy, so even if the size isn’t right you”ll probably still be able to fit into it… but it’s way nicer to just order the size you feel good and comfortable in.

nike matentabel

I found the sizeguide for plussize on the Nike website (nowhere to be found on the Zalando site…), and if you look at the measurements there it does match with the size I need. My hips are 136, so I really do need the 60-62 (or, if it’s loose and stretchy, the 56-58). I do find it extremely funny that they think those measurements correspond with the ”average EU size”, because there is literally not a single brand on the face of this earth where I wear a size 62. Very funny, Nike, very funny.

Where to shop the Nike plussize collection

It’s supposed to be in ”select stores”, but so far I haven’t seen it. I shopped all these pieces at Zalando. You can also go to, select your country, and shop it there. So as far as I know, you can only buy the plussize collection online. If you know a store that sells the plussize collection, please let me know in a comment or message!

All in all, despite the weird sizing, I’m really happy that I get to shop nike as a plussize girl. It’s a brand I’ve Always liked, and their quality and fit is really great, especially for their leggings. I did order the more basic stuff, you can find a bit more colour and print on their website, but I hope they will expand the collection even further with more designs and options in the future.



Since writing this post, Nike has updated their sizing so that it is now more in line with your regular sizing. I still wear 2X and 3X in their products, but those are consistent with (roughly) a EU48/50 and a EU 52/54. Happy shopping!