OOTD – finding perfect pants


I pretty much gave up wearing pants a billion years ago because finding a pair that fit well was always a giant pain in the ass (pardon my french, but #sorrynotsorry). I was just tired of settling for a pair that somehow always missed the mark, and just occasionally wore pants that were okay-ish at best. Dresses and skirts it is. But that doesn’t mean I completely gave up on the pants-hunt! I spotted these black trousers at MS Mode and loved that they were highwaisted and non-stretchy. 

To stretch or not to stretch, that is the question

It’s funny cause plussize pants usually have a bucketload of stretch to them, and I can understand why, but the downside is that the body shapes the pants, but it makes total sense to wear pants that shape the body! By getting a pair that has less (or no) stretch to them, you can shape your, well, shape, a lot better. I had to get these in a way bigger size than I usually wear because they were supertight around my calves (I have big calves. Apparantly.) but you should never ever EVER give up on a great piece of clothing just because you don’t like the size inside so who cares. Like I said, I love that I can wear these highwaisted and they are perfect to dress up or down, so I just had to have them. Yay for perfect pants!

Finishing this look with an off the shoulder top (I know, off the shoulder AGAIN, I’m addicted), some statement earrings and a red lip. Hope you like it!

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pants – courtesy of MS MODE (all opinions are my own)
top – Asos (regular collection)
heels – New Look
earrings – H&M
photography by roxanne letterie