My personal favorite tops with funny quotes


Everytime I wear this top, I get people asking me where it’s from. I have to admit, it’s SUCH a great and funny quote… So I decided to do a little tribute to plussize tops with quotes I like, and share my favorites with you guys. With so many options out there, I can imagine it’s a bit hard to find the really great ones… which is why I did the work for you ;). There are all sorts of slogan T-s out there, with dreamy quotes or citynames or… but I like ones that are a bit funny (and/or sarcastic :p).

See something you like? Click the link and shop away!

black plussize top brains beauty booty


plussize top quote 1

I Believe in mermaids | CURVES ON FLEEK

plussize top quote 3

Nothing to wear | I drink I like you

plussize top quote 4

expensive taste | PLEASE not today

plussize top quote 5

best dressed | cute black tee

plussize top quote 6

BOOBS proof that men can focus on two things at once | #thighbrow

plussize quote top 7

#NOFILTERWhy am I not in bed

 Which one can you see yourself wearing?