10 things I want to tell my younger self

My teenage years are long gone (over 10 years, eeep!) and thank god. I remember feeling incredibly awkward and insecure pretty much nonstop. I’m sure all teenagers feel this way, but being giant, overweight and a bit of a weirdo certainly didn’t help. When I think of my younger self, there is so much I want to tell her… and then I figured, hey, I have this blogthingy now, why not just write it down? So here you go! 10 things I want to say to my teenage self…

(with gifs! because gifs make everything better, as proven by this jiggly jason segel).


1. You do not “laugh like a horse”. (and who gives a fuck anyway. The world needs more laughter. You go girl!)


2. Being smart is awesome. Don’t dumb yourself down just so others can feel comfortable around you.


3. Don’t worry about boys not liking you. All the boys you like now will end up stupid and boring anyway. There will be other boys along the way, and some might leave you broken and confused, but that’s okay. That’s life. You’ll get over it, and meet men that are exciting and interesting and that’s so much more fun than boys.


4. All the things you think are ugly about yourself now will help set you apart later. Oh and those thighs aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well learn to love them now.


5. It is okay to fail and make mistakes. Try to be real, not perfect. For the right hearts, you are enough. You have always been enough.


6. Stop setting yourself on fire for people who will sit there and watch you burn. It’s okay to be a bit more selfish every now and then.


7. Skinny jeans are not just for skinny people.


8. Try less to fit in. Honey, you’re born to stand out (and secretly you already know this, even if you are afraid of what it means). Girls can be cruel to eachother, but in time you’ll find an amazing group of women you can kick ass with, and it will be worth the wait.


9. Yes, you’re a bit of a weirdo. Probably more than just a bit. Stop thinking that’s a bad thing.


10. Never stop seeing the good in people. I know people think you’re being childish and naïve, but trust me on this one. In time, you’ll come to see it as your greatest quality, so don’t ever let anyone take that away from you cause it’s pretty amazing.



What would you tell your younger self?