OOTD – OMG it’s a jumpsuit

plussize jumpsuit 11


I rarely wear jumpsuits. Not because I dislike them (I mean hello, I’m really a lazy fashionlover, so anything that gives me an entire look with just one item is a score in my book!) but because most of them don’t fit me properly. I’m tall and shapely and most jumpsuits make me look like a blog with a SEVERE cameltoe situation going on. Not good.

That is, until I spotted this beauty at the Asos tall collection. That’s right, an entire collection devoted to tall people! I got this one weeks ago but haven’t been able to show it yet because – wait for it – it was too long!  I KNOW RIGHT? Apparantly, I just have superlong legs, but an average length upperbody, so the crotch was hanging way too low. So I took it to my seamstress and after a couple alterations it fits me perfectly :). I can not give this tip enough: look for a good seamstress. Especially for plussize girls, getting that perfect fit for your body is so incredibly rare and those little tweaks can really make a world of difference.

But okay, back to the jumpsuit ;). Another first: it’s widelegged. OMG. I don’t think I’ve worn widelegged pants since I was 12 (they were really hot back then. We called them elephantpants… anyone else having a balst from the past moment right now? Just me? Okay.). I’m really a skinny jeans kind of girl, and that’s not going to change anytime soon, but there is something with this jumpsuit and the color that makes me really dig the wideleggedness.

It’s made from a superlight, slightly stretchy material and it’s seriously ridiculously comfortable. I know I often say things fit like pyamas on here, but serioulsy guys: this fits like a pyama! The feathery headband (tiara? feathercrown?) just had to go with it, it’s so fun and cute and supermatchy matchy. Plus, it has feathers, so end of discussion.

plussize jumpsuit 1

plussize jumpsuit 2

plussize jumpsuit 8

plussize jumpsuit 12

plussize jumpsuit 7

plussize jumpsuit 5 plussize jumpsuit 6 plussize jumpsuit 3

plussize jumpsuit 10


 jumpsuit – Asos Tall

headband – got it somewhere a million years ago

heels – New Look

What do you guys think of this look?