photoshoot – hot stuff

“hot stuff”, I do mean that literally. It was the hottest week of summer, with temperatures hitting record highs. I had a shoot planned in an abandoned factory: a closed off space. No airconditioning. Dirt and dead pigeons everywhere. Great!

Because it’s pretty much impossible not to break a sweat in that kind of heat and because I didn’t want to drive the makeup artist to the point of insanity, we figured we’d go for a “sweaty” kind of wetlook. Bring on the shine and oil me up baby! I am superpleased with the results, it takes a great photographer like Frank Brouwer to make rolling in the dirt and pigeonshit look this good (oh, the modellife, so glamourous!). Thanks so much team <3

The reason I do these shoots is because I want to show that awesomeness and passion comes in all shapes and sizes. Just because you don’t look like you fit into a little box, doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself out there. If you can dream it, you can do it!

FOTO7527 FOTO7479 FOTO7474 FOTO7451 FOTO7423b

FOTO7706 FOTO7626 FOTO7646 FOTO7393 FOTO7681 FOTO7736 FOTO7754

photography by Frank Brouwer, MUAH by Kathleen Van Walle

What do you think of the results? Let me know darlings!