Why the “glorifying obesity” argument makes zero sense

You can’t show a picture of a bigger woman or write an article about bodylove without a bunch of people jumping on their high horse and shouting “Stop glorifying obesity!” and “will someone please think of the children!” (okay they don’t usually say that last bit). These people are usually besties with the concern trolls. You know, people who claim they don’t have a problem with how a fat person looks but are genuinely concerned about their health and their impact on the environment or the cost of health insurance, global warming and starving children in africa.

But okay, back to the topic at hand.  The “glorifying obesity” argument makes zero sense whatsoever.
I’ll use this lovely picture of plussize model Denise Bidot shot by Victoria Janahvili as an example.


This is a picture of a fuller woman (and a plussize model). It shows a bit of backfat. It was shot by someone who likes to publish a book with this kind of pictures. That’s it. That’s as far as the message goes. Several media have picked up on this, and half of the comments were “stop posting this shit, this is glorifying obesity”. You have every right to not like this picture. You also have every right to like a slim body (and you should, all bodies are gorgeous, and that includes slim ones too!). But if you say “glorifying obesity” one more time I’m going to scream.

Where in this picture does it say “obesity is awesome?” or “you should DEFINITELY become obese, it’s like totally  the best thing ever” or “I am superfat and unhealthy and I think you should be too so stuff your face with hamburgers and become obese like me cause it’s totally amazeballs” or “if you’re skinny you’re ugly because the only thing that is beautiful is obesity so if you want to be considered beautiful you should really consider becoming obese”?


How many times have you seen a picture of a fat woman and thought “wow. I must go eat a ton of crap and cancel my gym memberschip and become superfat as fast as I can now because I NEED to look exactly like her”?


This is not promoting obesity. All these women do is exist and live their lives as they see fit. And sadly, we live in a world where the mere existence of a fat person is highly offensive. I could talk for hours about this, but I’ll cut to the chase. For those of who you say this is “glorifying obesity”: you don’t have a problem with their message. You have a problem with their existence. And that is far more problematic than a picture of a woman with some backfat saying it’s okay to love yourself.