photoshoot – waiting for spring


What do you do when you’ve planned a spring shoot, but nature isn’t exactly cooperating yet (hello bare trees and gloomy weather)?

I originally wanted to shoot something with brights colours and blossoms everywhere, but after taking a glance out the window I decided that would look completely ridiculous and un-springy. So I replaced the bright colours with whites and nudes, put wool socks in my sandals and went frolicking in the woods, dreaming of a spring yet to come. Photographer Eline did such a wonderful job capturing those feelings, and we ended up having a great day.

Fun fact: We have actually worked together before, when she was still a photography student and I was literally just starting out as a model! You can imagine we’ve both come a long way since then (I don’t know if I could look at those pictures now without cringing haha), and I’m really pleased with the results.

Here they are, I Hope you like them!







Spring, I hope to see you soon…

photography by Eline Fauconnier