An italian inspired fashionshoot in winter


I shot this story in january and the results have been in several weeks, but with all the changes on the blog, I’m terribly behind on showing you guys what I’ve been up to! I’m getting there though, thanks for being so patient with me ;).Today I want to show you the results of a shoot I did with photographer Felicia Van Ham and makeupartist Peggy Timmermans.

We want to do something a bit italian inspired, but with a raw edge. I did the styling myself, including a white vintage lace bodysuit, sparkly underpants and a lace see-through dress I made myself (if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw the work in progress haha).

It was SO freezing cold that day, I can’t even tell you. At one point, it started snowing. We also shot near the water so the wind just went right through you. All in all, the perfect circumstances to shoot airy dresses in (yes, we’re crazy that way). The only way to cope with the cold during a shoot that lasts several hours is by staying warm inbetween. I kept my coat on until the very last second, resulting in charming backstage shots like this one:


I know, so fancy right??

It’s super important to me that the people I work with believe in the idea that there should be no division between a “plussize” shoot and a regular one. I want to shoot the same stuff a straightsize model does, and show that it’s about what you bring to the table, not about what size you wear. Felicia understands this perfectly, and I’m so grateful that I got to work with such a fun team. Thanks so much girls!

Anyway, here are the results, I really hope you like them :)

klein1 klein3

klein2 klein11

klein5 klein6 klein7

klein10 klein9 klein4